Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Blogging is for people with a life

After Jack e-mailed me to tell me that my blogging game was weak recently instead of bore you with well, boring stuff really i'm gonna keep it quiet for a while. Just some advice for now, when your bank account says you have £500 then you spend £500 and it says you have £1000, your in the red, stop spending and sell some stuff! So apart from being up shit creek without a boat let alone a paddle, all is good, got my coaching confirmed for the summer holidays which is ace, before uni teaching was an option and i never really thought about full time coaching but its brilliant, I'm not even bothered if its not a sport I'm 100% behind, just seeing the kids enjoying themselves is great.

Talking of coaching 3 youths turned up to Ramsey's 1st training session on Tuesday, apparently this clashes with the track riders we've got so they wanna do that instead. Anyhow, after running that i did some sprints on the prom and chain came off when i got to full whack, so lucky not to eat concrete, was spinning out and i guess thats the only thing that kept me on.

Getting back to Leeds next Tuesday, so expect to see me soon