Saturday, 19 April 2008

ready for the weekend

All's good in the hood. Tomorrow i plan to try and give the mobile update a go from Coppull regional, so keep checking back for the results and a picture as it happens! As well as the North Regional its the 4X NPS this weekend down in Chicksands, good luck to Nigel and Oggy going down from Bradford as well as paddy and all the other BMXers making the trip. On a blog note, been reading Suttys blog alot, check it out in the links, its a good read.

I went to a possible venue for a new track in Leeds on Friday with Jez, the track is on a Youth Group site with football pitches, high ropes and motorbike course. The field where the track is gonna be is right next to the canal and kinda has an amphitheatre vibe going on, so gonna be great for atmosphere when events roll round. The plan is for a 300m ish track with
a duel trails line running on the outside around half the track. Lets hope its as awsome as it could be. Then i hit Fearnville for abit, managed about half an hour before it started raining, so cold my i couldnt feel my fingers, riding on my own i dont really fancy pushing it just in case somethin happens, but its good to give the legs a spin.

Gate session at Bradford today, a good few gates giving me the holeshot at practice, its hard when oggys not around to gauge how fast i'm actually going. We closed off the 3rd straight and started giving that a go backwards, did some cornering moves with Flip, Snazel, Nige and Rob and Josh T, then had a few runs at the 2nd straight just copying each others lines. The youth are the future, its all about the carrot and the stick!

Pic, Snazel, me and Flip after a mint Bradford session

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Jager bomb!!!

Yo, just a quick shout about what's been going on in the world, monday was back to uni and reading about walking being good for you, wow. A pretty cool thing I've been looking into this week tho is training and competing in one sport giving you an advantage in another, i.e. transfering from playing football at a good level but not the greatest, getting into rugby and already being pretty good just because of being physically and mentaly trained at an invasion game, again it sounds pretty simple but some studies recon future elite athletes do more physical activity at 8 years old compared to people who end up doing sport at a uni level. mental.

anyhow hit the gym Monday and Tuesday but decided to give it a rest on wednesday and went down to the place to be... Chesterfield! So grabbed a lift of Jez, who is just back riding after time off with a broken wrist, and Jordan was gonna make the most of gate time with nothing going on at Leeds yet. Tuffys got it going on down there (I owe you £2 buddy), not many riders but all pretty quality, DC doing 6 full effort laps in a sessionm, he's coming back from China with a medal! I've gotta admit i only did 2 laps, i felt slow and sluggish, it wasnt until the end of the night that i finally got a couple of good gates, and felt like it was worth doing a big effort. Its one thing being fast at your local stomping ground, but when you go to someone elses it puts you back in check, Ive got a long way to go! If i've got the time (and petrol) im all about traveling to do gates wherever they're on, it can only help

Got back to mine and the front room was full of hot ladeees, a quick shower and 2 big bottles of beers later and we hit town. I recon the best nights are always the unplanned ones where you just end up going out cos your in a good mood, and when i get back in from gates i tend to be pretty pysched most of the time. Found a club called Wire which we've heard abit about and thought we'd give it a go, it was pretty quite and apparently wednesday night isnt the night to go, but it was better than i'd expected, massive dancefloor and little "cave"esque booths to chill in. After a couple of beers the adrenaline wore off and i got tired really quickly so hit the jagerbombs, and that was the downfall, didnt last more than 2 hours out and went home asap, a really good find tho, we will be going back!
Pic, me and

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Work it Harder

What a week, i guess this is my first proper post about life and all that, now i'm getting linked up all over the place i guess someone must be reading this. Just the weekend to update on then, I was planning a trip down to mansfield to do some gates on saturday with Jez and Jordan but with Coach J having other commitments i made my way over to my local gate session at Bradford. The weather held out and i got some solid gates in, my timing seems to be spot on but i look at the gate and have a mental block about it not falling so chicken out every now and again, think its time to start looking at the lights. David Brown who is a Bradford local and ex British Champ is killing it, lets hope to see him at a national sometime soon. After a few gates i took a few of the better riders into the container to watch a section of the "how to race BMX" DVD on gates, i think its good for them to see it in this format so its not just me and Billy getting on their back and telling them to do stuff for the sake of it. Back on the gate after that and all riders showed an improvement, some really starting to show potential.

Today i wanted to head over to Fearnville in Leeds for a session, so called up a couple of buddies and were all ready to rock and roll but the weather took a turn for the worse, Snazel got sick and we decided to give it a miss. I'm really starting to enjoy the track, ok its not the best to go to for hang time but as a BIG race track its going to work, the start hill is pretty big and should be great when we get the gate running, 2nd straight is fast as, but easy to mess up and loose speed, the 3rd all about getting smooth through the doubles and hitting the downsides and the last straight has more lines that Pete Doherty, its just a mint place to play around.

Yer so that didnt happen so I did a gym session followed by some sprints, oggy has really helped me in the gym and given me a few new things to try out, it seems to be working, im killing cruiser and Twarn is nowhere ;) The whole house is pretty fitness mad at the moment, Ciaran is doing 200 bicep curls a day, housemate A (doesnt want to be mentioned) is obsesed with bulking up to be bigger than the maximuscle guys so is training with Owen and all about the protien shakes. I'm just doing my thing and enjoying riding, havent got the patience to do all this cardio lark tho, get bored to easily.
Pic, Me, Ethan, Dan P (current cruiser points leader) and Twarn and Coppull last year