Thursday, 12 June 2008

Told you that was the end

I walked to work on Monday night at 6 pm through the middle of Ramsey and passed 4 people, there are 10,000 that live here, where the hell are they?
This pic is of the park just 10 days ago. I cant believe how dead it is now, so it seems I'm really gonna have to make my own fun, which for the next hour means sitting watching the apprentice on Iplayer as i was at the gym last night.

I've had TT off for riding and gyming it and all that, and I feel it, its only been 2 and a half weeks but im caked, i rode 10 minutes to the gym last night, did some upper body, a few low weight over head squats and some plyo and flet ok. I'm using the gym in one of mum's friends garages, its pretty basic but does what i need, they have a gym bike and i was sitting spinning off as dave was doing the bench, "ooo how fast are you going? I average 43kph, we think it only goes to 50" says his missus, strapped my feet in, and 72.8kph later we found out it went a little faster. So thought i'd do some sprints on the way home, bad one, i feel like i've lost all my leg speed and threw up on my doorstep.

I watched the video's from chessy the other day, cruiser looked good, 19+ scott killed it, and elite... main 1, what the hell was tuffy doing? maybe it was just the camara angle but that wasnt a move, that was a deliberate KO and i'd have DQ'd him for it. but thats just me, woop woop, i get my 1st race at ramsey this year on sunday, i'll let u all know how it goes.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Thats whats up

TT is over and the rock is back to being boring, have been working the afternoon shift in the pub all week and its been dead, giving me time to read the independent and watch the extreme channel. There was a good article in the paper about things that have died a death in modern society that we should try and bring back, it all came about because orange sales have fallen because we cant be bothered to peel them, so for me its back to making fruit smoothies, having a proper wet shave and getting up an hour earlier to walk the dogs and have a proper breakfast.

Went to watch Athlete on Thursday night at the villa, yer they were tight and everyone was bouncing around to the 2 or 3 songs they new but as a band i really wasn't impressed, the guitarist who was awesome was stuck at the back of the stage in the dark and only being allowed towards the front twice, making sure that the lead singer/rhythm guitarist was given the limelight, he just seemed to be ur average skinny jean wearing twit for my liking, what the hell did he need with 4 guitars anyhow? if a band is gonna have a front man like him he may as well just have a house band play and see how well he does on his own.

Friday night was Jo Bo's 18th birthday bash, i was an ass, drank waaay too much at a pre party BBQ at scotts and really let myself down, drinking is fun and all that but don't go mad with it, you could go making mistakes that you just cant fix. I tend not to have regrets, you know, things happen, get over it, but the 2 i do have are both drinking related, its not big, its not clever and if your not a fun person sober don't go taking mind altering substances, just get loose on your own. Unfortunately there are sometimes when sorry doesn't quite cut it, i think this is one of them.

Went downhilling today, Scott rode his hardtail and let me get crazy on the Stab Supreme, had a couple of scary moments, but in general was a right laugh, Its just riding your bike innit, go out there and do whatever, I've still got my trials bike in the garage, i may even get that out for a play at some point, took a couple of good snaps on my phone too, this one of Touson, and the one at the top showing just why i love the isle of man, top of a downhill section and you can see sea, woop woop.

Check rich's blog, he moans that no-one blogs but i don't even have a link on his site, maybe one day hey.