Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I need a writers caddy

That’s right, you read the title correctly, I’m after a pen fairy to follow me round with a selection of fine biro’s and such so when I have an idea I can write it down. You know when so much goes on in your head you forget most of it, that’s exactly the problem I have, or maybe the blessing? Is it that I forget most of it because its utter garbage? Well to a couple of those things I’ve forgotten here goes;

Oggy, if my memory serves me correctly I didn’t put you on my list of people to thank a few weeks ago, or maybe I did, but I’m currently on the floating slave ship from Liverpool to the rock with no internet access so who knows, but if not here’s a special shout out to the legend himself. I still remember 3 years ago when I rocked up at Bradford for gates and you where there, it was crazy. I’d looked up to you for years; even sold my soul to get a 24/7 Oggy Special 4X bike for Christmas and ended up with a DDG shooter instead, apparently my soul wasn’t worth that much. It was like meeting David Beckham or some other generic icon type guy, except you are the real deal, and a couple of years later a true friend, cheers for everything dude. Or maybe I did mention you before and that was just a pointless rant, see, I need some sort of magical help.

The brits, again. Farran, dude your pull this weekend was great, but every time you get on the track I worry your gonna do something stupid. This weekend you held you own man, that move in the final was great, showed full on composure. Great racing bruv. Nate, you where the under-dogg (sorry) for sure in that run off but again made it count, great move man, the crowd loved it, n it’s good to see you in an elite main. There’s a load more but I’ve forgotten, ha.

I’m still gutted for Jordan Perry, and pissed off at the same time, I haven’t seen any video but I’m convinced the result should stand, like I said before, if we’re gonna DQ people for making moves, especially when they are blatantly faster on certain sections, then we’re gonna get the follow the leader style racing that no-one wants. On the plus side, you can definitely tell he’s been attending some route55 one to ones.
Oooooo another thing, John Butterfield, thanks for the call today, It’s nice to know you check wan.com, even if today was the first time, ha. Again, you’re up there with Oggy, maybe not in the “wow aren’t you ....?” but for sure in the friends I’m gonna miss category. Ok so there are quite a few of you, but you’re a special bunch, remember that. Yer even you Owen, and I’m gonna try and get back soon.
Next questions, who’s going pro next year? Which pro’s are gonna call it a day? Will any pro’s hit up the Manchester SX pro line? How will the 16 year old Talent Team guys get on in Junior? Oh hang on, there are still 3 races to go, this is strange, the brits is normally where all the fun stops and the winter begins so all these stupid questions get brought up to make those early nights pass by faster. Only one question then... Will BC allow Tambo to go pro at Coppull and keep his junior points now he has the title all sewn up? I don’t think so, but they should!
P.S. just spell checked this and Microsoft wants me to replace Oggy with Orgy, hope that made you smile if nothing else has.

P.P.S. just checked my Lets Not Forget post, yer i thanked Oggy, oh well, count yourself twice as lucky mate.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Im cursed

Peter-bro was ace, really smooth run weekend with a super smooth feel to the whole event, big up to all those involved. So Friday was pretty laid back, I travelled down with loads of time to spare just to get the tent up and chillax some, practice was hard, going home is like takin those 2 steps back for every one step forward, yer there is alot to be said about havin a decent track to ride but if your not riding with your buddies your not gonna stay to the same level you can be at, so I really had it against me, 6 weeks out, a lame track to ride when I could get back on and no-one to ride with then, this was gonna be a long weekend getting back into the swing of things. Friday practice session was pretty laid back too, for everyone, just a nice place to be, loads of smiling faces, I was trying to get my gates back to some sort of decent standard and get the 3rd straight semi dialled. Met up with Jez after practice for dinner and a catch up, its good to be brought back upto speed by someone in the know.
Saturday was abit more panicked, on Friday night some local youth rode off on a race bike in a hurry down a lane near the track, anyhow I spotted his mate and a few of us followed him to a house to see if we could get the bike back, instead of confront him we left it, well lets face it, no-one had said their bike was missing. So Saturday we found out it was stolen and the local wannabe cop wanted me to show him where the house was, instead of coming with me to the house he hid round the corner whilst I got the house number and street name, my last words to him; "if you hear me shout, I'm being stabbed". They went in the house later on but didn't find anything. Remember kids, keep hold of ur ride. So Saturday practice for the manx youths and they looked out of sorts, the track is a million miles from Ramsey in techincality, and the guys just havent had enough riding at this level, come Sunday though they all did themselves proud with some making semi's, which for a small club aint all that bad.

My Sunday though was slightly different, well lets face it, I'm not meant to make the main at the brits, Cheddar 05 - moto'd, Harworth 06 - 5th in semi, Burnham 07 - 5th in semi, oh yer, you guessed it, Peterborough 08 - 5th in semi. I'm not as down about it as i was last year though, cruiser was stacked this year with 32 riders, a couple of which where pro sandbaggers. I was happy to make it to the semi's but after being in 4th for most of the lap to getting a move made on me in the last corner to slow me down so i get passed on the line was abit upsetting. It was however probably my best lap of the day so I can't really complain. Twarn, what happened to you? Andy Clucas, could have won the main, what the hell happened? Josh, wtf? big names not makin the semi's let alone the main.

Jacob Robert's, your a legend full stop! 3rd in the 1st corner and I have to admit, I was slightly concerned. Jordan, in the 13's, smoothed the 3rd straight like only a pro could, only to get DQ'd for going off the course whilst in the air? Seriously officials, what? Its moves like that that make racing exciting, if you keep DQing people the moves are gonna become less and less and people will stop watching, if thats the way you want it take the corners out, and give everyone lanes. Paddy, nice once footer kid, gutted for you going down. Reidy doubling up and making both mains, your the man. Farran, that move in the last corner was epic, 4th to 2nd, wooooooooooop. And Kelvin, you killed it, your at the top of your game, fuck BC, keep going man. Your an inspiration to all, I wish you the best of luck with route55. See ya'll at Coppull