Monday, 15 December 2008

hey ya'll

So its blog time again, I’m really falling behind, and I am sorry, it’s a combination of a few things I guess, havin a proper job, being pretty busy and most of all i suppose, being on the rock. All you lovers out there are from the BMX scene, and I’ve gone from being a small but social fish in a lake, being in the know about most things UKBMX to being the biggest fish in a small B&Q garden pond. I recon you should pin your hopes of this next blurb of text on the “being pretty busy” part and pray something interesting comes up... You still interested in reading?

First things first then, LIFE IS AMAZING, I’m suffering from karma, but not the bad kind. All the good things that I have done in my life I am gaining from right now. Work is good, but can’t really say too much, and you never know who’s reading. Basically, some people are of the opinion; “your only 22, what do you know?” But the important people aren't, so what do I care?

I have secured a deal for riding next year, with the added cost of getting off the rock for the national series I may struggle financially, so the local bike shop is sorting me out with a race kit and some gear to keep the bills down. I put him in touch with Rich at Scoop so this is his way of saying thanks, so don’t forget kids, ask Santa for Fly Racing and Maxxis goodies this Christmas. And on that note, thanks to Sutty for all the help this season, I’ll be running Hoops again for as long as you keep building them, best wheel builds you can get.
Today I got a phone call from the cafe close to the track, they sponsored the club a couple of years ago to the tune of a couple of hundred quid, and wondered if we were still after some funding. He knows the promo guy for a company we have all heard of and is going to pass on my number as he was asking about the club. If this comes off it will be big. Other club news, we’re in the process of getting a new container for storage and getting a porta-kabin for all other admin needs. The local police station has 5 BMX’s that haven’t been claimed for ages so will be donating them to the club. The winter series is going well, it’s the 1st time the club has kept going over the winter for as long as anyone can remember and its going great. 29 riders at the last race, and the winter doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off.
Was in Douglas on Thursday doing some Christmas shopping and got my first real teacher experience outside of school, followed into a shop by half a dozen giggly year 9 girls, “hi Mr Watney” the guys in the shop loved it, hilarious. Met up with Adam afterwards and hit up Costa (no Starbucks on the rock you see) the guy who owns it, well, is the franchisee, is an absolute character. I couldn’t work in there, the guy is a nightmare, fair enough its his money on the line but oh my days... think David Brent crossed with Terry Tibbs, he got a phone call and I half expected to hear “talk to me”. Quality mid shopping interval entertainment fo sure.

That was your update kids, keep checking back, and don’t forget to hit up

Monday, 1 December 2008

Its been too long

Jees guys, I hadn't realised that I've not really been posting until nmky.blogspot pointed out that I was MIA, and yeah, it's been 3 weeks. Krazy. So whats the news? not much really, same old, I love my new job, I haven't really been riding much, well much on the 20", I have however been gettin out with Skillz on the road on average about 2wice a week which is good, keeps the legs spinnin, plus a gate practice or a race I guess I'm doin enough considering its winter.

I have been posting over at ramseybmx.blogspot if your missing my illiterate charm. I was at the track on Saturday morning with Max sticking some surface down and mixin a jump up a little, well alot, sticking a new face on it and shifting the downside up 18 inches and about 5 foot back, so yeah, i guess not so little, woop. We had about 20 kids at gates and it was awesome, everyone was smiling, riding together and pushing each other, it's mental that some 11 year old kid smoothing a jump makes me happy. Ramsey BMX really is going places, and I'm at the wheel hahaha.

I'm as sick as a dog, I promise, I'll write soon. Oh yeah, and as of 2 weeks ago I've got a new position at the Cycling Association.

Yours sincerely

Juan Watney

Junior Development Coordinator
Isle of Man Cycling Association

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Both ends of the spectrum

You know when you come here and read a post that just bores you to oblivion; the place just past a 5 minute conversation with Flemdog about clips and just before you hit a conversation with Gamble about his guns. Anyhow, thats been because of the lack of life going down over here and my unlimited posting time, well, things are crazy and I haven't had a spare second. I started work on Monday and its mega, I'll fill you all in when I get the chance. But as for spare time, yesterday for example, I was up at half 4 to give mum a lift to the airport, and got to bed at 0330 after a shift at nightlife, with a half hour kip on the sofa in the middle.

So just to say I haven't forgot ya'll,

Keep in touch yer x

Friday, 31 October 2008

So I've been busy, at last.

This week has been awesome, it's half term over here which has meant a weeks work, at last. Monday and Tuesday we ran 4, 2 hour "Cycle Skills" sessions around the island, with all 4 sessions being full. It turns out that out of all the sessions that MSR run, its the cycling ones that are always the 1st ones to fill up and the only thing limiting the amount of kids on the courses is the availability of coaches. On Tuesday afternoon we ran a course at the National Sports Centre in Douglas and had to finish 10 minutes early due to the arrival of Johny Bellis, team CSC professional road rider, World Junior Bronze medalist and most importantly, Olympian. The kids loved it, so cheers to Gee for sorting it out. He handed out some prizes and signed some autographs, it was a really good atmosphere, and the mums loved it.

Yesterday I did a MTB coaching course at South Barrulle Plantation, the Manx MTB Club have made a 5 k look there so in the afternoon we took the kids on it and they loved it, we where close to the end when I suggested pushing back over to a bermed bit of boardwalk for the guys to session when I looked at my watch and we had 5 minutes untill the end of the session, oops, time flies when your having fun. During the day one of the kids said I reminded him of one of his PE teachers, Ben Ayres, Ben taught at my school when I was there and I took this as a massive compliment. Its the small things these kids say and do that makes getting cold and wet worth it, that and nearly £14 an hour.

So I got my police check through on Friday of last week and get to start work proper at QEII on Monday, I'm beyond excited, it's going to be so good to get started and meet all the kids. Oh and talking of time flying, I've gotta shoot, got a "multi sports" session at my old school, for 5 - 7 year olds, hard work defined, fo sure.

Any idea how I'm getting close to 100 hits a week? It must just be you Farran yer?

Catch ya'll soon

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

"Pro" sections

A couple of weeks ago I read an article over at The University of BMX. It was about the Olympics and where this guy sees BMX going in the future. Oh god, I went all uni in my head and was scared I was about to critically analyse it, ahhhhhh, don't worry, I'm not. Most of it made perfect sense though and I've been promosing to link it for a couple of people so here it is. But one thing that has stuck in my mind is the track design issue's, not just there but some guy over at was on about optional pro sections, and with my whole track makover thing at Ramsey happening the cogs slowly started to turn.

The idea of Pro Events is great, and the future of BMX I'm sure, a major spectacle for the crowds, and great racing. But what about at the lower levels? We need a steping stone, Pro Sections should be things of the past, deciders are where its at. Preston is a good example; at the Summer regional before the track had changed the outside "pro" line was slower so come race time it was less about hangtime and more about pumping the inside, which looked pants tbh. They noticed and did something about it, teched up the inside and made it alot closer about which line to choose.


With Pro sections there are stupid arguements, look at Wales national last year when junior men had to vote to see if they where alowed to jump to pro section in racing, thats just not cool and not the way to progress now is it? If we're gonna have tracks to do everything then we need more deciders. Look at South Park, the inside line into the last corner is a BIG pro double and its the fastest route, so if you can jump it thats the line you want to take, if you cant, you go round and it takes longer. Simple. I think its on Transit 7 that in the 14's a kid does it and goes from 3rd to 1st, props.

I really think that thats the way we need to start building our tracks, with something for everyone, Hartlepool is a great race track with something for everyone, and it showed come national time. Even better is the the youth they're bringing through... Adam Smith and Jack Hall are a perfect example, Hartlepool track has got them to where they are now, but where next? These two lads are at the top of their game, but now they're gonna have to move off their doorstep to find something bigger.


As well as that, Pro sections are really hard to get right, look a Shanaze at the Olympics, going to fast to get across to the am section. Wales, the Pro section is the longer way round. Bradford (ok I haven't ridden it) but from the looks of it getting into that last corner from the Pro line is going to be tricky. So why not just make more deciders? At Ramsey when I've got the track up to a decent standard top of my list is to build another straight.

In summary, I've got too much time on my hands, please someone tell the police I'm not a criminal and that I should be allowed to start work.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All exposure is good PR

Yesterday I was just flickin around on facebook when Shaun "the machine" Kelly posts this on my wall;
Juan Watney is the Ramsey kids hero! Forget the power rangers, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. A bloke for ramsey riding a kids 20" wheel bike, is the main man! Legend!
Yer, I was as confused as you are, it turns out that in one of the Papers over here (The Isle of Man Examiner if you want a copy) has an article in, oh my god your not ready for this, im sat here chuckling to myself, are you sitting down?...

I was in stiches, so from now on, I shall be refered to as Hero, and will not be answering to any other names. Once you've stopped laughing I guess this is a great thing for BMX over here. The club get a couple of paragraphs in the Manx Independant everyweek to print the results from the previous Sundays racing but normally due to so much going on on the rock are hard pushed to get stuff in.
The way I see it, getting people into BMX is all about good PR, the Olympics was great for us as a sport but now we need to jump on it and work hard to get people in. Over the next 6 months I'm gonna be so pro-active and in everyones face they'll be sick of me, but they'll be talking BMX, riding BMX and hopefully racing too. Anyhow just thought I'd let you all see what made me laugh.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


It's just another Sunday night after a national, isn't it? Ok so 1st things 1st, this time for the 2nd race running I haven't been camping, I've been stopping with Sutty and Sweep at Hoops HQ. These guys have helped me so much over this season and for nothin more than the thanks I can give them, so once more, I know its not much but thank you. Ooooooh its the end of the season, maybe a list of thank you's is in order... Maybe later. Anywho, on Thursday, after squeezing 2 full race bikes, and other assorted crap into a singular bike bag and heading over to Leeds for some night time entertainment (make of that what you will) and Friday Morning I trained it over to Warrington to meet up with Mr Hoops and check out his new Vito, the BMX motor of choice, I'm sure you'll read all aboot it over at

So after not really getting a gate practice at home since Coppull Friday was a pretty slow start for me. You know, things take time to get fine tuned and I know how to take a Friday gate session, loosen up and just let it happen. Having wannabe coaches left right and centre telling you your gates are wack and "do this," "do that," doesn't help, I'm sure its meant in the nicest way but its ridiculous, everyone's an expert you know? And especially as I've never been down to EIS, or done gate analysis, or planned a disertation on it, lucky these people are here to tell me drive forward and not pull up so much.

Saturday went ok, got a 3. 3. in my moto's but wasn't as clear of the gate as normal so was getting abit of elbow bashing down the 1st straight. but 2 moto's, whats the theory? Don't have all 3 on the Saturday because then you'll only have semi's and final's on Sunday and that wouldn't be good for spectators. Or was it, don't have all 3 moto's on Saturday because people who're out will go home and not stop the night? Whatever the thinking is Saturday seemed like an absolute non-event to me, after my 2nd 19+ moto I was ready for a lunch and a drinks break, not to go home.

Sunday and it was all or nothing, 1st lap I noticed that my knee's where pretty sore but guessed that a warm up and a few more laps would sort that, so 1 lap, then another, 5 laps later I limped off to the sidelines to contemplate what the hell I was gonna do, I could hardly clip in with my right leg, let alone snap on it. I needed a 6th to be on 12 points and go through to the main, I snapped, my head was telling my leg to push and some other useless part of me was saying "woah now, that hurts, stop it!" So last to the 10 meter line, 7th to the 1st corner and the sketchiest lap of the season, pinched 4th down the lat straight and got 4th pick for the main. Rode my bike over to Mid Lancs tent, put it down, went n got some grub.

Bumbled about abit, did some stuff, and hour went past and it was main time, got my ride, headed to the pens, watered the bushes, watched TJ nose everything and come out ok, watched Sharpy try and get some of the action only to eat dirt big time, check it. Kieron went 2, Issit 3, Dan P 4, leaving 1 or 5, now lets be serious, that's the easiest choice I've ever made, "gate 1 cheers berni" sniggering to myself. Sat on the gate was the most perfect I've ever felt come national time, I wasn't nervous or putting stupid idea's through my head, just chilled enough to do well, "ok riders... Watch the lights." long pause, snap. huh? I haven't got my finger on the brake, errrrrrrrrrrrr. "It looks like Wans got a mechanical" (vernon kay in the background) Yer weekend over, my chain tensioner is hangin off and my wheels sideways rubbing against the chainstay, I watched the race from the finish line, Kieron won his 1st race on a cruiser, and looked rad, #1 next year if he races, no doubt in my mind. Dan H got 2nd n bagged the title so well done to them both. It still worries me how loose a 15mm spanner nut on a back wheel can get in an hour though, you know?

The only way the day could get worse is if Jacob could mess up in any slight way, the kid is amazing, so talented and handles a stack load of pressure so well. Sat up last night with the Sutton's and the calculator working out the different points scenario's; Jack Hall could win with Jacob in 2 and Jacob would still get it, anything less and things got confusing. Main time, check out for the video but don't expect it to be pretty, Jacob went down hard, KO'd for a couple of seconds and lay there for a good while whilst the useless "emergency responders" set about doing a shite job of sorting him out. Jacob got stretchered to the ambulance, he was battered but ok, which is such a relief, after he realised he was ok he got to realising he may have just chucked his #1 plate away, I was confident he hadn't but non of them believed me, I love being right though, and in the car there was a big trophy and a little trophy (mine) 5th overall in crowser, woop, ha, its better than last year I guess. Just sad I didn't win 1.
Wows this is going on abit, ok so there is the diaryish version, check back in the week for some pics and opinions. Oh yeah, and a big shout out to Pete Lavender, 2nd at the Brits and 8th overall in 15/16s. I can't see, I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Get a hobby you can put on hold

I love my BMX, there is no better way to have no care in the world than to hit the track and just flow forget work, forget the bills, forget women, whatever your beef, just get rid of it. But there are times when riding isn't an accessible option, and times when I really can't be bothered, simple, the bike sits in the hall and I dont have to feed it, or clean it, or look after it. But horses... oh my days, mums horse went lame the other day and I spent 5 hours in the rain yesterday helping her get it into a stabble, at the end of the day, I didn't wanna be there, mum didn't want her horse to be lame so was in a bad mood and it is a costly affair, vets call out fee's alone more than most of the components on my bike. So be warned, if you dont want a high mantance hobby, avoid animals, if you want your kids to stay in a good mood, avoid emotionally blackmailing them to help you with said hobby.

So its Preston this weekend and i'm psyched, I'm not that assed about how I race, yer I wanna do well, and I know I'll get there, it'll be main time and I'll be in focused to say the least but you've just gotta go out there and ride the best you can, nothing else you can do so dont worry about it, dont get tied up on a result cos at the end of the day anything can happen, judge your performances not on where you finish but how you got there, wow, thats profound.

Went to book my ticket to head over on the boat Friday morning but it was fully booked, oops, heading over to Leeds for the night on Thursday instead which should be a laugh, infact, should be more than a laugh if I happen to bump into the right people whilst out, you get me? wooop. Its been pretty quiet back here, mums off work so I'm helpin her out with stuff, Tax forms where due in on Monday and I count get mine done so thats a £50 fine, great. Still haven't heard back from work so gonna get on the blower to them today and see what the score is with my police check, if they can hurry it up or something, that or I'm going to sign on next week, its gettins stupid.

See ya'll at the weekend, and don't forget to check out

Monday, 6 October 2008

If I Didn't Have You

Then someone else would do... Ha, love it, watched The Secret Policemans Ball last night, as normal some of the acts where pretty good, and some where pretty standard, this one stuck in my mind as clever comody, I've seen Tim Minchin on Buzzcocks before and never really found him that funny but this is really good, check it out;

It was the last race on the rock yesterday, the new track changes are ok, still need some tweeking but the extra time I've been putting in down there seem to be working for the littluns. Wish I'd have made it to Coppull on Sunday to race in 17+, could have came 4th to Jacob, the kid is fast. But back to the rock, there is a possibility we've found some funding to buy 10 new club bikes, we've sorted a 6 race winter series out, and I had a meeting in Peel on Saturday morning with a commisioner about updating a track they used to have there. It is a U in a U single line "track". The plan is to turn it into a little 2 meter wide play track. With that we could easily stick a pro gate on a start pad and hold little dual races for the kids, it should be ace, plus its 5 minutes from my new job, so come sunny summer afternoons, i'll roll out of work, and do some gates with the locals, could be ace. BMX Isle of Man is happening.

Its Preston this weekend, the last national, rumour has it Kieron was spotted on a cruiser at Manchester on Sunday, lets hope so. I'm not expecting much, gates back home have felt poor to say the least, I'm just not feeling it, lets hope once I've got the track up to scratch I'll be re-motivated, looking at a Euro trip sometime next year with Oggy and the boys, I wonder where we'll end up.

Sorry guys, I'm feeling pretty flat at the moment, check back in the week for excitment, I promise

Monday, 29 September 2008

1 blog down, 1 to go

With all my free time I started up a blog for Ramsey BMX Club, check it! So after just writing the update for that, here is mine. Thursday night after the fun mornings building I had, Skillz, Bri, Sarah and me went down the track to have a play, you could ride around the 1st berm but it wasn't what you'd call finished, and not much had changed, the only thing really going off was the 2nd straight which hadn't been touched, it was just a case of, the weathers good, lets ride. It turned into, who can jump that with the smallest run up, so all about getting you power down, the MTB boys had a bit of an advantage over me by dropping a gear or 2 down to get spinning, but it was a laugh.

I worked nightlife on Friday night, it was dead, just over 60 people in. Got home at 4am and was at the track at 8.30. Max and I worked pretty much solidly all day untill 7 to get things finished. For more info and what have you check, basically cos I've just written about it once, can't be bothered doing it again. Or can I? From a different perspective really, you know when you'r doing alterations at your track and all the rider muck in? Well it was like that only the kids helping weren't club members, just you're average, out for a ride in the sun kids. It was awesome, a really atmosphere and community spirit thing going down. A mum was down with her 3 and 4 year old sons and was helping chuck some surface on the double into the bomb hole, she was mega impressed with the whole set up and really keen to lend a hand, her motivation, "well everytime I come down with the lads now, they'll remember mummy building that jump." Tbh its true, when the whole community mucks in and helps out it gives them a good feeling as well as the track getting better, so watch this space for more child labour and big things from Ramsey BMX.

Got home about 7:30pm, washed, ate, got ready for work and was at Nightlife again for 10, busier night with only 3 on the bar and 250 drunks, your average Saturday really, pretty ladies to keep me entertained, and drunken yobs for me to wind up. Home at half 4 and up for 9, theres always time to sleep when I'm dead. I headed down to Arrasey plantation with Charlottes little brother to watch the Downhill race they had on, practice, 10-1, first run at 1 should have meant we could have watched the 1st run in time to get Henry to football for 2. It all got held up and we didn't get to see any flyers but it was still nice to walk to course and see a couple of people going hard at different sections. I don't even know who won, but be sure to check the forum later on if your keen to get involved with downhilling on the rock. And yes, that is the sea in the background of this pic of Bri, you don't get a view like that at many downhill tracks in the UK do you? I can think of three like that on the rock.

Managed to drop Henry off in time out at Ayre for me to make it to the track to DJ and commentate on racing, I love watching the kids ride and we've just bought a wireless mic which means I was running around the whole joint getting loud and lairy, its great to have the freedom to rome and see things from a different angle. Commenating is a nightmare though, not many of the kids ride with number plates and we dont do a copy of moto-sheets for the guy with the mic so I'm just expected to know their names, its fine with the kids that come to gates, as they're the guys who's names I know, and they're out there in front so I know to big them up, but I feel bad for the guys at the back of the younger ages, cos I have no clue what they're called. But it was fun, I rode abit in the break and launched the new jump into the bomb hole, taking it like a tripple rather than the double on top, it needs abit more tlc but should be good by next weekend.
Hit up the cinema last night to watch Tropic Thunder, took Philli just to make Scott jealous, mate, she kissed me on the cheek. After the initial, hilarity of JDjr as a black man had worn off things got a little stale and I was gettin bored, it all kicked off around half way through and did get alot better, so if you do go, fight the urge to walk out and you may enjoy it. Tom Cruise plays the money behind the film, but is so well made up I didn't realise, it was only when the credits rolled, n I was like, wtf? A couple of good one liners, and one moment where its silent and then the whole room laughs, 6/10. Wen't to the Royal afterwards to see what they've done in the re-furb, is nice, I liiiiike.

Now I'm just waiting for this stupid police check, c'mon, I'm innocent.
Oh yer, and Bloomy at Peter-bro...

Oh my days

Thursday, 25 September 2008


So all the tracks are getting this and that done, and being back home and having to ride a track straight from the 80's I thought I'd jump on the train and get Ramsey BMX track looking more like a BMX track than a cycle speedway circuit. For the purposes of a development plan (and sounding like I know what I'm doing) I've split the re-vamp into 5 stages.
So Stage 1 we did the week before the Brits, by sticking a roller in at the bottom of the start hill and changing the 1st double into a longer lower tripple, its worked pretty well and teched up the track a load, this small change is just the challenge the kids on the rock are needed, its brought on their riding loads in just a few weeks.
Stage 2, in the past couple of days I've had 180 tonnes of sub soil and hardcore dumped at the track. I headed over the track this morning with £100 cash in my pocket, the promise of a 5 tonne digger and driver and BIG plans. I talked the digger driver over my plans and he sorta went... "3 hours? Don't think so." Plans got adapted and sacrifices got made but we managed to get the main job done, a proper berm in the 1st corner. Now when you look at something in your head and think how it will look, is it normally smaller than it turns out? Well this is, seriously, chaos corner has nothing on the "wall of death", I can't wait to get it fine tuned, whack some surface on it and get it riding, its awesome. Max from Lezayre Landscapes who did phase one with me is coming on saturday with his mini digger and we're gonna get everything fine tuned as well as stick in a jump on the exit of the corner into the bomb hole.
Big shout out to Liam, who is gonna be getting his crowser game on next season as well as repping in 19+. Holla to Rich with his new haircut, friends soon to be in the Isle of Wan, and mega fast clock, like a week fast. Brrrrrap snap to Sutty, 2 chains in 2 weeks, and you say I've got too much power. OJ's also got a blog, check it. Keep an eye out for Ramsey BMX's new blogspot which will be coming soon, and check out for all your IoM related news though its pretty bare. Infact, so many more blogs to check, whats been up2? Hoppy won a NBL race! What fly kit will I be buying for next season? And what THE lid will I be shelling out for after my near fatal accident last weekend? I'm sure I noticed something else I should be linking the other day, ah well if its you, im sorry, message me, I'm fickle, you can have a link if you ask nicely.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

It’s been a week since getting home from Coppull and what a fun week, not. Everyone has pretty much drifted back off to uni so the rock is getting quiet. Mums been off work all week cos she’s been ill so I was chauffeuring her round on Wednesday n get a phone call from Charlotte, “I’ve got a puncture, what do I do?” Tbh it didn’t take much persuading to get me to take the half hour drive to save her, beats cleaning horses. So went and sorted that to the tune of “so do boys get special classes at school to learn this stuff?” gotta love saving the day ha. But the price I paid for ditching mum was I had to go for a horse ride with her on Thursday, it’s been about 8 years since I last rode, n I remembered why about half an hour into getting ready, it just takes so dam long, getting them in, feeding them, putting all the stuff on, it’s such a ball ache, but meant I got to spend some time with mum which was good.

Did some work at the track on Saturday to make it ready for the Manx Champs on Sunday, just tidying up corners and throwing some surface down but it made for good racing come the 1st moto. So I’d got Skillz to come down and give this whole BMX thing a go, he rides downhill mainly but also hits the track up on his hardtail, he’s mad fast and I lent him me crowser for the day. I won the 1st two moto’s, but just before the 3rd the gate failed so we did dead man starts off the top of the hill, Skillz and Stephen got better starts than me, I passed Ste round the 1st corner but couldn’t get 1st, 1.1.2. in moto’s, to Skilly’s 2.3.1. It was grand prix so I had the advantage going into moto 4, I won, but Skilly’s gonna get a cruiser, do some gates over the winter with me and I don’t think I’m gonna catch him next year. Hopefully he'll be hitting up some nationals with me next year, repping Team IoM. Pic's right and below from last weekend at Coppull courtesy of

Do things come in 3's? 3rd year in a row I’m club champ, I love it. I got a THE plate and £15 for winning, and a pair of Fly gloves courtesy of Ramsey Outdoors for getting the holeshot in the main. Winners in the other classes where Matt Black in the 6 and under, Tom Murray in the 8 and under and Brandon Cain in the 10 and under age group. A big thanks to Mark at Groove Racing who donated some prizes for the holeshot winners, so you know where to go for all your BMX racing needs. Anne Crain a local MHK came down and watched the whole days racing, she presented to prizes and really seemed to get into the spirit of things.

And 3rd time in 3 days riding that I've come off. After racing I was riding the 1st straight, and managed to snap my chain, it was right at the bottom of the start hill and going over the roller so there was no staying on, I remember seeing the ground and inch away from my face as my helmet slid along the floor, I’ve got a black eye, a cut above my other eye, grazes all down one arm and wrist, the other wrist is mega sore and doesn’t really move, I’ve pulled the muscles around my left hip and cut my knee pretty bad, and what have I learned from it all? No more XC chains. This one has lasted about 3 months, you save a couple of grams but lose ultimate strength, and with a chain there is no warning, nothing you can do, once its decided to go, your off and going down big.
So I’m really sore and feeling sorry for myself, went to a pub quiz with the lads last night, we got 3rd, and free chips. I could hardly lift my pint though which sucks. Got more big track plans this week, things are pushing forward and I’m excited, had some dirt dumped today and got shouted at by the grounds keeper for the park, I’ll explain more next time. L8rs

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Number plates

I can just see it now... "who's is that number plate? Its dead hard to read"
"its 110, thats Anthony Ives"
"ok, lets get him over and tell him because he's followed the rules and used big numbers that are a bit close it hurts my eyes." Gotta love it, ha. I'm pretty sure I heard Kelv gettin told off too, ha. The other good thing about number plates; just ordered 6 from mark at, for the Manx Champs which are happening this weekend, each catagory winner will get a #1 plate instead of trophies, cos lets face it, my shelves are getting slightly full ha. Cheers mark.

But back to the weekend, Thursday night I went out with everyone from back home before some of them went back to uni. Shauns back off to Leeds and Scott back to the Burgh, as well as other assorted locals town is gonna get very quiet in the next couple of weeks. So got back home about 11, got packed, went back out to nightlife to pick up my wages and finally hit the pillow at 2am, up at 0530 to make the boat and I was shattered. Met up with mum in Liverpool to do some shopping for work clothes and spend quality family time, I dont get to see mum enough so have to make the most of it when we're both at a loose end, plus it was her wallet that was out not mine. Went up to gates with mum at Coppull and rode, alot, being at home is great but boy my riding suffers. It takes about 20 laps to get confident to start to take off rather than 2. The track was riding sweet and I had a bed at Hotel Sutty for the weekend, whilst drifting off on Friday night I'd never have thought that I would be this close to a national win.

Saturday went good, moto's where ok and my 1st straight was keeping me in cruiser, a 2.2. in the 1st 2 moto's was ok, a bit of shoulder action with Kieron in the 3rd and an off and 5th left me with 7th pick for the main and an ice pack on my wrist. Gate 8 was open and to be honest I was counting my blessings, its way better than being on the outside. Snap, pull, power, next thing I know and everyones gone wide round the 1st corner and I'm side my side with Josh over the 3rd in joint 1st, he boomed the big step up and I couldn't get any pump off the downside, followed him round the 90 right and went up the inside to make the move, it didn't pay and left me too far back to compete for 1st in chaos corner. I quality race though, and fair play to Josh, the fastest cruiser yowth when he wants to be.

It was great staying with Roy and Co for the weekend, its such a relaxed vibe and a nice place to be, Shea is the best, always smilling and even helped me clean my ride on Saturday night. Jacob is the most modest British Champion ever even if he made me clean his bike too. The head of the house is obviously Dianne, ha, cheers for letting me stay. Sutty, well done on Sunday man, and cheers for everything, that girl in Liverpool wanted me and you know it.

Sunday wasn't so great at the track though, I had a big off in my 1st 19+ moto leaving me limping and with a huge need for a new set of race pants (thanks mum). So with the tags still hanging off my ass it was straight back up for cruiser, I only really wanted to qualify for the main so was just chilling, 3rd moto I put OJ off at chaos corner, sorry bud, couldn't resisit. Main time and I snapped ok, again from 8 but it didnt quite go the same, I got caught up in the bunch and was really hurting so ended up 6th and started shouting my mouth off over the finish line as Kieron had won, If you wanna read more on that its the last 2 paragraphs.

So I had a great weekend, thanks to Gav at for putting the 3 most important finals up first on Saturday night, cheers to Rich and Scott for the best comentary (you 2 on the mic are an unbeatable combination), thanks to the NEBMX crew for looking after my mum, she loved it, Reidy, cheers for letting me have a blast on the Dolan, rode sweet, cant wait till I get mine ;) and again, thanks to the Sutty's.

So see ya'll at Preston, I've got some fun to have.

So the controversy on Sunday regarding me and my big mouth, during one of my cruiser moto's I thought I'd heard Kieron's shifter working overtime, after hearing from a "reliable source" that his shifter didnt work I didn't think anything of it untill Dan P said he'd heard it too, so I went and asked Kieron was he shifting, he said yer! Whats he playin at? For one, he really needs to start hitting gates if he's using different gears for the start hill and the rest of the track if he's still getting pulled. The way I see it, no matter how close his bike is to a cruiser; 24" wheels, his "forks were pretty much locked out" and whether he's shifting or not, its still not a cruiser, its a mountain bike! My mates have seen pictures of Kieron racing before and think its wack, "what a 4Xer doing at a BMX race?" and these guys ride, let alone trying to explain it to the girls that dont understand the difference between BMX and downhill, "but its just riding bikes isn't it?" Yer it is, and I've never complained at regional level before, or even been that bothered when he's turned up at nationals, because I was under the impression that the reason he wasn't buying a cruiser was because he has no money, so assumed (yer i know, assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups) that he wasn't going to follow the national circus around, its an expensive game and all.

But now he can get a ranking and will probably push people who have supported the series all year round (OJ and Twarn) down a ranking place I think something needs saying. I'm pretty gutted for OJ to be honest, he's in 9th spot and needs a good result to move up to 8th otherwise he wont get anything to show for this year. Even if not OJ, there are 8 BMXers who've qualified for an end of year trophy, one of which wont get one because of Kieron. Anyhow, I was pissed cos he won, and I told him, better that than be one of these people that says stuff about people rather than too them. I'll be e-mailing the commission after Preston asking for a rule change, BMX should be looking forward and at a national level shouldn't want to rely on mtb's.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Written On Friday

Ok so, all the pictures are sideways, yer i know, i've been on the picasa website and tried to rotate them but it aint having any of it, just at hotel sutty and loving it, expect that write up another time, and i'll sort it out tomorrow, but for now if you recon your neck can take it, tilt to the right, and this is where i was at on friday...

Friday, 5 September 2008

You're Freakin Me Out, You Wore A Mask Called Counterfit

So went for the interview for this job as ESO at QEII yesterday, all tarted up n lookin pretty slick, i'm pretty young and inexperienced at this whole interview lark, never mind looking after kids with autism so knew I had it against me. Walked in, and was so nervous, they picked up on it straight away, "dont worry, we're not looking to trip you up". It was my first interview for a proper job so had nothing to gauge it against, it went ok I guess. They pointed out that my CV was written pretty badly but full of so much quality content that they couldn't pass me up and wanted to get me in to see if I could put what was on the paper into what they where looking for in the role. Loads of challenging questions and me being conscious of talking too much, it went ok. I headed over to Douglas to catch up with Charlotte who's just got back from the states, waited around all afternoon with her n Becky, nervously for the phone call, I only went and bloody got the job. So chuffed its mental, so now I've gotta wait for all the paper work to be sorted and I start in a couple of weeks. So yer, I'm 1:1 on the interview to job ratio scale, wooop.

In other news, its ERA this weekend, I think, there is stuff on the website but not much talk of it anywhere else. From the looks of it its part of a bike festival in Kingston Canada, in my eye's the way elite racing should be to get it to the masses. Go211 dont seem to be covering it, so I guess we'll have to find the video's next week. For more, obviously head over to BMXtalk to hear all the latest bull and e-heroes opinions. oooo I sound so bitter, but seriously, this event looks awesome with some great riders rumoured to be going, can Clayton still pull? His names not on any rider list I can find, but he's still Doc Smooth right? Well Cisar is gonna be there and that boy has mad skills.

Can't wait for Coppull, I know i'm not riding great but its just being there, I'm gonna love it, can go for a coffee with John B and watch some quality racing. Just been looking at Abi's pics and the track looks to be running smooth, cant find any video though so lets see how that last straight works, I've heard things but havent got any closer than the title pic, looks shrweet though. So the question is... One footer or about to fall off mate?

Its raining here, had 50 tonnes of dirt dropped at the track on wednesday and its gotta be dry before we can do anything with it, sad face. Big downhill race on sunday, no doubt i'll post pics. l8rs

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

From bad to worse... NOT

Just a quick one, I'm up at scotts watchin mtb DVDs, I've had loads of thoughts for my caddy but dont have one, which sucks. On the top of my head is that I've gone from being a no hoper uni drop out to, Junior Cycling Development Officer for the island and I've got an interview tomorrow for an Education Support role at QEII high school, seriously, I'd be soooo happy if I got it. all my worries would be gone. But dont wanna jinx myself so not gonna say too much, talking of jinx though, one of the favours i'm doing for mum this week is looking after one of her friends who's on holidays kitten, called jinx, how do i get roped into this stuff?

But on the bad side, mum went away for 2 weeks today on the 3 o'clock boat, I get a phone call at 1 from her whilst I'm at work; "can I borrow your car?" It appears that the gearbox has fallen out of the megan, a four day turn around and about £1200, so after abit of panic she did the sensible thing, and bought another car, yer thats 5 cars between the 3 of us now. WTF? I guess we'll sort it out when she's back. So other things on the list of stuff i'm doing for mum include, looking after her 2 dogs for the full 2 weeks, looking after someone else's dog this weekend :S sorting her horses for a couple of days, taking her boss out to the horses to make sure she is capable of riding, oh yer, and looking after this kitten.

Coaches night out was last friday, had a laugh with the guys, not many people turned up though, spent saturday recovering from a mammoth hangover and then worked till 4 at shiters, got covered in blue stuff as there where smurfs out for a mates birthday, and some 35 year old bird would not leave me alone, plus a girl i got with a couple of weeks ago was all "why havent you called?" its this small pond, i cant escape. This sunday coming is the Isle of Man Downhill national so I'm gonna go and marshal for scott and watch some mint racing apparently, they've built the course especially for the race so it should be a good one.

Anyhow, I've gotta go cram for my interview, anyone know anythin about ASD's?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I need a writers caddy

That’s right, you read the title correctly, I’m after a pen fairy to follow me round with a selection of fine biro’s and such so when I have an idea I can write it down. You know when so much goes on in your head you forget most of it, that’s exactly the problem I have, or maybe the blessing? Is it that I forget most of it because its utter garbage? Well to a couple of those things I’ve forgotten here goes;

Oggy, if my memory serves me correctly I didn’t put you on my list of people to thank a few weeks ago, or maybe I did, but I’m currently on the floating slave ship from Liverpool to the rock with no internet access so who knows, but if not here’s a special shout out to the legend himself. I still remember 3 years ago when I rocked up at Bradford for gates and you where there, it was crazy. I’d looked up to you for years; even sold my soul to get a 24/7 Oggy Special 4X bike for Christmas and ended up with a DDG shooter instead, apparently my soul wasn’t worth that much. It was like meeting David Beckham or some other generic icon type guy, except you are the real deal, and a couple of years later a true friend, cheers for everything dude. Or maybe I did mention you before and that was just a pointless rant, see, I need some sort of magical help.

The brits, again. Farran, dude your pull this weekend was great, but every time you get on the track I worry your gonna do something stupid. This weekend you held you own man, that move in the final was great, showed full on composure. Great racing bruv. Nate, you where the under-dogg (sorry) for sure in that run off but again made it count, great move man, the crowd loved it, n it’s good to see you in an elite main. There’s a load more but I’ve forgotten, ha.

I’m still gutted for Jordan Perry, and pissed off at the same time, I haven’t seen any video but I’m convinced the result should stand, like I said before, if we’re gonna DQ people for making moves, especially when they are blatantly faster on certain sections, then we’re gonna get the follow the leader style racing that no-one wants. On the plus side, you can definitely tell he’s been attending some route55 one to ones.
Oooooo another thing, John Butterfield, thanks for the call today, It’s nice to know you check, even if today was the first time, ha. Again, you’re up there with Oggy, maybe not in the “wow aren’t you ....?” but for sure in the friends I’m gonna miss category. Ok so there are quite a few of you, but you’re a special bunch, remember that. Yer even you Owen, and I’m gonna try and get back soon.
Next questions, who’s going pro next year? Which pro’s are gonna call it a day? Will any pro’s hit up the Manchester SX pro line? How will the 16 year old Talent Team guys get on in Junior? Oh hang on, there are still 3 races to go, this is strange, the brits is normally where all the fun stops and the winter begins so all these stupid questions get brought up to make those early nights pass by faster. Only one question then... Will BC allow Tambo to go pro at Coppull and keep his junior points now he has the title all sewn up? I don’t think so, but they should!
P.S. just spell checked this and Microsoft wants me to replace Oggy with Orgy, hope that made you smile if nothing else has.

P.P.S. just checked my Lets Not Forget post, yer i thanked Oggy, oh well, count yourself twice as lucky mate.