Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The best thoughts come at the worst times

This occurred to me the other day whilst being bummed out about not getting to ride, it’s been 2 weeks and I’ve been on my bike once, that was just a ride to the shops and it hurt like hell. Is it a case that you think more clearly when down and out or that mediocre idea’s just seem better because of your state of despair? I’m not clinically depressed, or even miserable by the standards of some people I know who have problems controlling their emotions. As it is I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy, not much gets me down, or not so my friends would notice, I get on with it and try to make the most of a bad situation. Because of the whole not riding thing my mind has been on bikes just as much if not more than usual... Can you crown an all round MTB race king? Like a big race weekend where everyone competes in all categories for the one title. DH, XC, 4X, but not with points for positions but maybe percentage scores on times or something? In retrospect, an alright idea but more of a conversation starter whilst pushing a big rig up the fire road at Brookdale, than motivation to get started on event organisation and sponsorship.

On the other hand a not so middle of the road idea was the light bulb that appeared above my head whilst sat having a coffee at work one day staring out into the square watching the minions go about their routine. Pump tracks have been fashionable for a year or so now and instead of riding recently I’ve had time to put pen to paper, in a hunt for a space to stick one I found my mind wandering to a spot where their are some trials, see previous post. The downside to this location is that it is on a hill, after a couple of no go’s I finally got a decent track sorted that could have worked and still meant no pedalling. It took 24 hours, give or take, but then it hit me that I had a BMX track with land in the middle and an idea that instead of benefiting me and my buddies could get used by some of the younger kids to really bring on some skills, so its sorted and I dug the 1st burm yesterday, woop, woop.

So what else has been going on? Helen came to the rock to see what it was like, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, Georgia, Helen and I went to the Wildlife Park, it was awesome, there where penguins, a duck goose, snakes (see top pic), bats and a miniature donkey with a twinkle in his eye and a not so miniature length, hilariousness ensued. Had my follow up appointment this morning with the doctor, re: sore shoulder, he said he was happy with the range of movement, the x-ray on the day looked like it could be really messed up but seems ok now but that I've got about another 4 weeks till I can ride. I've got a physio session on Monday, and unless anythin major happens between now and then I'll be missing out on what will most likely be the best national of the year. The latest I recon I can leave it is next wednesday before makin up my mind, so its a case of I'll decide then, its taken a couple of days for me to realise it too, I truely am gutted.Apart from that it's been pretty boring on the rock, I worked the final shift at the royal before it got shut for a 3 month re-furb on Sunday night, had a pretty cool talk with the boss about the state of things in Ramsey and other fun drink related topics, also managed to get quite alot of cool pub stuff, JD playing cards, assorted pint and whisky glasses, a nightlife poster for Shaun, and some pretty retro pub artwork to stick wherever in Estcourt Terrace when I eventually get back. Jenny is finally turning 21 and the party if anything like her 18th should be off the chain.