Thursday, 24 April 2008

Bradford Sesssshion

Went to Bradford tonight and did some gates in the car park with some of the older kids, was good to get the timer mat out and see who was consistently pulling. Looking at the video of me i'm having trouble getting my 2nd pedal in and getting my head up. I've managed to mess this up and lost the video from here but its on youtube,
After gates we hit the small skate park in the park for a bit untill it got really dark. To the left, Flip. On the right, Jordan Hayes

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Captains blog, star-date 23042008

Sunday was ace, really enjoyed my 7 hours at the track, Monday I met up with Ollie, Snazel and Nigel fresh from his top 8 finish at the 4X NPS. It was meant to be a pretty chilled out relaxed session just to wind the legs down but was super windy meaning any takin off and you had to crank hard at it. About half an hour into the session a local yoof came off and busted up his wrist pretty bad, after tryin to get hold of his mum and dad finally got on the phone with his sister who came to get him soon after, i missed about 15 minutes of riding but wasn't that bothered, anyhow to cut a long story short, got a kiss on the cheek and a phone number for my troubles. Proof, karma works, so be nice.

Anyhow, got back to the track and ended up riding for another hour just blasting around. Hit the gym with Oggy on Tuesday just doing low weights but focusing on a quick explosive reaction. I'm only weak so he's gotta drop the weight to play with me. Then we did some plyometrics, we normally do a couple of plyo exercises but i found a new one this week so we tried that out too, its pretty good, jumping from standing as high as you can onto a box, shrweet. Was a really nice day so chilled in the garden in the afternoon with the lads, Owen tried to cut my hair but failed so i had to go pay a professional, nightmare.

Hit uni up later on, having my 5pm lecture then stayed in to get some coursework done, getting towards the end of the year now so most module stuff is done and the lecturers are padding, looked at the effects of PE in later life the other day, apparently old people suck because society tells them to, physiologically a person only declines in performance by about 10 percent between 35 and 65, makes me think 40+ cruiser should be faster, Jez Hayes to the rescue at cheddar anyone?

Talking of cruiser, found this pic on Rich Eames Flickr site, which there is a li
nk to on his blog. Rich is off to the states today for a holiday/to race the NBL Freedom national at Woodbridge, good luck man have fun. Anyhow today Oggy and I went Wrexham for one of his sessions with the locals then we went to Crewe, first time i've been to both and they were both as i expected. Wrexham is loads of fun, tight and technical, can't wait to get back there for a session with a load of racers. Crewe was big, like i've heard, steep up and downsides, big gaps, just a general challange, great to see loads of locals there tho. Expect to see some big names emerge from Ghost Riders in 3-4 years.

Anyhow, texts to send ;)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Coppull Regional, its all about having fun

Awsome, the mobile update worked and Rich liked it, a few comments about the blog today at the track which was ace, nice to know you guys are enjoying the read, except Silson, sorry man but I'm all about being PC mate.

So yesterday I decided I was going to make a full day of Coppull. Its worth getting up that extra bit early to give you some free time to drag out practice and only ride when you want too. So 8am i left the house and made it onto the track by 10. Pretty windy down the 1st straight but meant the last straight tail wind might lead to some moves going down. I again decided cruiser and 20", it was a good idea, and tbh it went pretty well, a lot better than bradford anyhow, cruiser was grand prix again so my 1.2.1. meant i had to win the 4th to get the points, twarn was gettin closer every moto and i kept leaving room to see if he was willing to make the move, he wasnt and i lead it from the 1st jump to the line, c'mon man, you've got the skills, where are you?!!!

Payback was OK, i think i could have made the main if i wasnt doing cruiser aswell, but, meh, ifs n buts n all that. Was with the big guns untill the 1st corner but then got tired n had nothing, cruised round the moto's just making the B-main, had a pretty good lap managing to snap the other guys and had my pick of lines round the track to take it, Boota did well missing out on the payback main by 1 moto point after doing his first full laps in 6 months.

The A main was awsome, Cal, Flem, Reidy, Ivesy, Levi, Kyle, Ethan Taylor and... Liam Snazel! Mrs Flip was on the finish line and couldn't believe it when hearing Snazels name on the mike. Cal lead from the start, this win should do his confidence a load of good. Reidy busted a mint move in 2nd to last corner lining Flem up, getting the step up smooth and swooping. Reidy interview coming soon.

Got another chance to see Mr Halls gate today and it really is growing on me. Bradford have just picked up a one man start gate and will recieve a two man version at Preston regional next month. I'm pretty excited, the gate works of a battery, magnet and spring, has random, NBL and ABA voice sequence, and a timing mat. This should be awsome! Great photo OJ, you can see Twarn watchin for tips. Sutty's already updated his blog after racing today, not only is the guy fast on the web, but he's looking rapid round the track, keep it up man, Cheddar 30-39 main has your name written all over it. Talking of which, its round 3 of the national series at Cheddar next weekend, and, I am excited! Cheers to Abi and OJ for photo's.

Anyhow, hung around after racing for a couple of hours and had a wicked sesh, just messin around and enjoying ridin my bike.
love life, love BMX

Cal takes Coppull

30 seconds ago cal strickland took payback from start to finish, daz reidy bustin the move on flem in the last corner for 2nd, with flem 3rd and ivesy in 4th. More pics, report and reidy interview coming later.