Monday, 5 January 2009

The person next to be is bloggin

I'm in the library and the woman next to be is writin a blog, I can't quite catch the url though, maybe i should tip her off to check me out. I was thinking about something similar last night, I'm gonna go blog searching, you know, for someone who I share interests or ideals with, but not someone I know, and just, follow their blog, kinda like a pen friend, but more of a crazy stalker kick about it. Now I word it like that, maybe not...

Anyhow just a quick one, I will write a proper blog with week, with photo's and stories and allsorts, this is just the press release...

In the next issue of THREE LEGS, TWO WHEELS

2000 feet in 2 hours
DOWNHILL - comeback?
FLYracing deal
I KISSED A GIRL, and i liked it
See ya'll soon
PS. Who's Tom?