Wednesday, 9 July 2008

On the rock

Havent ridden in a week and i'm clawing at the walls. There is only so much more i can take before im just gonna go on a bike ride of any sort, jees it may even be just on the road, my shoulder is still in no state to hit the track. Racing was cancelled on Sunday because of the bad rain but in the phone call round to tell everyone it was decided that we'd do a gate practice on Monday evening, we must have done 10 or so gate sessions last year with maybe 6 kids turning up to each, so when 22 turned up on Monday night I had to change plans pretty quickly, then the worst thing ever happened, the rivets started falling out of the gate so it was a case of plan a skills session for 22 littluns, worked okay though and we're on again for Sunday, hopefully the gate will be fixxed and we can split the kids abit better.

Was up in Douglas doing the SCUK Safeguarding and Protecting Children in sport workshop last night it was OK I guess, just one of those things you have to keep upto date on to stay insured, the main crazy point of my night was getting back to Ramsey, for those of u in the UK, Douglas is a half hour drive from where I live, or an hour bus ride, but the busses are a joke, by the time i got to the bus station at 2125 the next bus wasnt untill 10 to 11, so i figured I'd walk the bus route and hitch when I could.

I'd never even consider hitchin in the UK but on the rock its a whole different story and i'm not that adverse at all, by the time I got onto a main road out of town I started thumbing and the 8th car picked me up, a young lad in a yellow MG rover 200 copy thing, he dropped me off about 10 minutes up the road but it really made a difference, filled me with confidence, then i got a phone call from Scott who told me I was stupid for doing it and he was coming to pick me up, I wandered along abit more and managed to blag a lift to the other side of Laxey which was cool, then met Scott and went for chinese. Cheers to the 2 guys that picked me up, its a nice reminder that even in this age of knife crime and car theives that there still are alot of nice people out there, get out and meet them.

Check the cruiser final from Hartlepool and all the other finals at Ok it wasnt the best lap in the world, Dan P had a good line round that 1st corner, 4th to 2nd is all good, 3rd to 4th, i wasn't so pleased with. Just gotta hope my shoulder heals up for Burnham now, for me thats where this year is gonna be won or lost.