Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer in the city such a very special time

Things are awsome, the sun is out, which means that the girls come out, so many hunnies around at the moment its crazy. Had a pretty chilled out day yesterday, eventually, went to the gym in the morning, spent most of the afternoon outside, played abit of basketball and wrote some e-mails, pretty much spent all of it waiting for today.

THURSDAY - Gamble woke me up at 8ish on the phone asking about going riding so i was up a couple of hours before normal so decided to hit the gym wit Jackson, managed to sneak him into the strength and conditioning room n did a good two hour session, squats, deadlifts, bench and even some plyo. I kept it cool though, riding in the afternoon and wanted to be fresh. All the Leeds crew where out in force at the trails, mixing it up. Lukey G owned everything pretty much within 5 minutes looking smooooth as, Jordan race jumps trails like you've never seen, krrrrazy, and I got abit further than last time, which is awsome, this trails thing is wicked, I know I've got the skills to do it, its all in my head, and thats a barrier thats getting knocked down in a big way, Twarn aint gonna touch me when i turn it on. Talking of really getting into it, Gamble's taking things seriously from the looks of it, expect big things.

Then we hit Fearnville for some track time, mostly mashing up the 2nd and last straights cos of wind. after sprinting at the 2nd straight for an hour attention got turned to the last straight, right lets talk you through this, it goes; tripple, table, double, step up, roller, double. Doesn't sound that interesting until you really start pushin it, its gotta be seen to be believed some of the stuff that was going off, get up here and check it out, club sessions to start soon. I was trying to perfect the jump to manual on the tripple, maybe got it smooth 2 out of 10 times. Seriously words just dont do it justice.

Heres a video of Me and Andy C doing the last straight on Monday.

See ya'll at Mansfield, I'm thinking 250-300 riders.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Life is what you make it, make it great.

I LOVE BMX. what was going to be a rest day on Monday turned into being at the track for 2. So me, Andy C, OJ Francis and Reidy hit up Fearnville for 2 hours, meeting Drinkie for the 1st time and getting shown some trails near Seacroft in Leeds. After an hour or so there we got some food, pasta's faster n OJ had fried chicken. OJ really impressed me though during the day, going for most things, and the locals at Fearnville where all making coments about the "guy on the red bike" being really fast. Cheers for the pic OJ, for more check out BMXtalk. Turns out Tuesday was going to be my rest day.

Today the sun came out and so did the flip-flops and the wife beater. Sat in the front garden with a fresh copy of MBUK, coffee and a muffin in the morning before moving to the back garden in the afternoon to catch the sun. Gave both bikes a once over and managed to snap a chainring bolt whilst tightening them up so drove up to Stif to buy some new ones, none in stock and got a bloody puncture on the way home, changed that just off a busy Headingly Lane and got a text from Jez about a session at Fearniville. Managed to get hold of Mark at Groove Racing, and he is gonna sort me out with some steel bolts for the DXRs. Anyhow, apparently there is no rest for the wicked, and Leeds BMX is exactly that, wicked, a great little ride with Jordan fresh from the Euro champs trying even more new lines on the last straight, tripple in anyone? jump to manual is soooooooo fast its scary. Then managed to hit up the trails too.

After the good time we had on Monday, Andy text me today saying he had Thursday off work so its on, ripping up the trails will be, the Leeds locals plus guest appearences from Snazel and some lancashire yoofs, then going over to Bradford for some gates. Here's the pic of me on the floor on Sunday at Preston regional after the 1st moto, cheers Abi, check her pics at

I love BMX, its the dogs, brings everyone together and it always makes me smile.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Breaking News

Dave Ives injured himself yesterday jumping and has cut his knee, in a telephone interview with him at 3am this morning he explained all. Also coming up, how Twarn is preparing for Mansfield Double National, Daz Reidy - Daddy Cool and all the other latest from BMX north.

"I was jumping this yellow beetle but slipped and fell, I've cut my knee, but I'll be fine" - BBMX's Dave Ives explains the circumstances behind yesterdays big off, "it was a yellow beetle, I was jumping it. I'll be OK for the world's cos i'm bringin a trophy home." Wishing you a speedy recovery mate, feel free to send me a follow up text for the fans. Daz Reid was doing it for the fans yesterday at Preston regional offering photo opportunities, autographs and showing off his youngest to whoever had the time. Rumour has it Darren was pretty fast in his day and is on the comeback, I can reveal for the 1st time that the dilemma on his mind isn't whether to ride masters at Mansfield but its if he should go pro or 19+, big up yourself daddy cool, and his exact words "I want to race pro by the end of the season"

Now to the real story, Anthony "Twarn" Ives, got a great result yesterday at Preston regional finishing 3rd, beating the current BC ranked #2 rider who ended up 4th. After a controversial move down the last straight in the 1st moto bringing me down (I'm over it). But the biggest talking point about his final lap, following Andy Clucas (who won, great lap mate, well done) cutting the whole of the 2nd straight out completely, missing all the jumps, riding nearly on the gravel to get a faster line to the 2nd corner, lets see how that works out for you on a track with no short cuts. Cheers Rich for the pics, more on his blog.

But on a serious note, Twarn and I where seriously close all day which is what the fans want to see, and he got the better of me in the final, its not like I'd been at the velodrome for 2 hours the night before and then going out and having a few jars with some preston lovelies. A big thanks to Preston Club, as always really welcoming and friendly, and a great session on Saturday too, get well soon Rob Hawker, and Josh Hanlon. Finally did the photoshoot thing for Linzi's coursework when i got home last night, it was a right laugh, some pics for that coming soon.

Thats all the news for today, tune in next time for an interview of... Me. Questions courtesy of Goldcoast BMX club. You stay classy San Deigo.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

DC takes the money

Dylan clayton 1, ian sharp 2 and pete power pickin up the other podium place. Proper update after midnight, i'm hangin round for a session. Andy C won the cruiser battle, i got 4th, really tired after a full on weekend.