Thursday, 10 April 2008


So it seems everyone is at this blogging lark, and im a always one to do whats in fashion so here it is. I'm 21, a student in leeds but hail from Ramsey in the Isle of Man, home of cats whith no tails and people with three legs. It's gonna be a case of playing catch up with the BMX bloggers in the UK, DC, Joey Gough, Rich from BMXradio, sutty, someone else who's joined in the revolution and abi who's moved onto pastures greener with her own .com, The biggest test i have is though, who is gonna read this?

Things are pretty mental at the moment, its the start of the BMX season, the end of uni year so its a case of trying to ride as much as possible and enjoy the summer thats on the way, but on the flip-side make up for the mistakes i made last year and work hard at uni and make the grades. Last weekend was the 1st North Summer regional of the year and I thought i'd make the most of it and race cruiser aswell as 20", ended up really tired with results getting worse and worse all day, but its a good training method me thinks.

Pic, Me and Andy Clucas leading out the cruiser moto at bradford summer regional, props to for the pic

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