Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Captains blog, star-date 23042008

Sunday was ace, really enjoyed my 7 hours at the track, Monday I met up with Ollie, Snazel and Nigel fresh from his top 8 finish at the 4X NPS. It was meant to be a pretty chilled out relaxed session just to wind the legs down but was super windy meaning any takin off and you had to crank hard at it. About half an hour into the session a local yoof came off and busted up his wrist pretty bad, after tryin to get hold of his mum and dad finally got on the phone with his sister who came to get him soon after, i missed about 15 minutes of riding but wasn't that bothered, anyhow to cut a long story short, got a kiss on the cheek and a phone number for my troubles. Proof, karma works, so be nice.

Anyhow, got back to the track and ended up riding for another hour just blasting around. Hit the gym with Oggy on Tuesday just doing low weights but focusing on a quick explosive reaction. I'm only weak so he's gotta drop the weight to play with me. Then we did some plyometrics, we normally do a couple of plyo exercises but i found a new one this week so we tried that out too, its pretty good, jumping from standing as high as you can onto a box, shrweet. Was a really nice day so chilled in the garden in the afternoon with the lads, Owen tried to cut my hair but failed so i had to go pay a professional, nightmare.

Hit uni up later on, having my 5pm lecture then stayed in to get some coursework done, getting towards the end of the year now so most module stuff is done and the lecturers are padding, looked at the effects of PE in later life the other day, apparently old people suck because society tells them to, physiologically a person only declines in performance by about 10 percent between 35 and 65, makes me think 40+ cruiser should be faster, Jez Hayes to the rescue at cheddar anyone?

Talking of cruiser, found this pic on Rich Eames Flickr site, which there is a li
nk to on his blog. Rich is off to the states today for a holiday/to race the NBL Freedom national at Woodbridge, good luck man have fun. Anyhow today Oggy and I went Wrexham for one of his sessions with the locals then we went to Crewe, first time i've been to both and they were both as i expected. Wrexham is loads of fun, tight and technical, can't wait to get back there for a session with a load of racers. Crewe was big, like i've heard, steep up and downsides, big gaps, just a general challange, great to see loads of locals there tho. Expect to see some big names emerge from Ghost Riders in 3-4 years.

Anyhow, texts to send ;)

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