Wednesday, 25 June 2008


So I’m sat on the boat, slightly grumpy after having to empty mum’s car of horse paraphernalia to fit bike, rucksack and I at 0645. Anyhow, made the boat and sat down to a breakfast bap, coffee and a fresh copy of Dirt, nothing could go wrong, could it? Short of scolding my face off with my coffee I couldn’t be more annoyed than I am at the moment, I can’t hear myself read thanks to conversations of the most irritating people I’ve had the displeasure of breathing the same air as in a while. So... do you want my opinions or my life story?

Well, Phlegmdog seems to think my opinions share a resemblance to nails on a chalk board, if you’re of a similar disposition click BMXtalk and remember, you’re entitled to your own opinion as long as it doesn’t contradict his. Basically the threesome sat on the table opposite ruining my life have way too much money and think they’re better than everyone else, “I’m over educated for most jobs”, “when I was at my house in southern France”, “I’m meeting mummy for lunch in London” argh, people stuck in the past. I’m all about keeping culture in the UK but people like this really aren’t a great representation of today’s Britain, Ok their not coke dealers or carrying knives but how do they add to society? The more I ponder about it the more I’m starting to analyse myself and start to notice my bad points, I’m just the same, offering my mixed up ideas to anyone who’ll listen/read. Luckily though, the tapping of my keyboard is muting out the nasal word vomit that is coming out of these twits.

So talking of my bad points, I’ve got all these idea’s that I’m quite adamant about, new school is the way forward, faster is better, clips are cool, are these all wrong? There are some people who believe so, cant these people stick to the trails? First things first, new school, the US Olympic team kit is everywhere at the moment, and after disregarding it as looking like pyjamas when I first saw it, its really grown on me, it’s clear, bold and not old school at all but retro, I love it.

Going faster? I was convinced that Crewe didn’t work as a race track as you didn’t have to pedal your ass off to get over the jumps, on reflection is this just another style of racing, a progression even, having to slow down to hit jumps and get the most out of downsides, is it just like in moto-GP, having to select different speeds for different corners? OK maybe not the TV spectacle of the SX start hill and jumps over berms but... Does it open up the possibility of busting moves in corners, slowing right down then getting a couple of cranks in, hitting a double, boosting downside and being back up to race speed?

As for clips, well that debate is played, and my opinion has been swayed both ways in the past three years, that’s the thing with me, I am open to change, it’s how things develop, so don’t make a decision and take it as gospel for the rest of your days, go back and re-evaluate in 6 months, the equation may have changed.


Northern Monkey said...

Nice post mate, food for thought for sure....we agree on some things eh? ;)

sutty said...

why don't you agree with flem then?