Thursday, 12 June 2008

Told you that was the end

I walked to work on Monday night at 6 pm through the middle of Ramsey and passed 4 people, there are 10,000 that live here, where the hell are they?
This pic is of the park just 10 days ago. I cant believe how dead it is now, so it seems I'm really gonna have to make my own fun, which for the next hour means sitting watching the apprentice on Iplayer as i was at the gym last night.

I've had TT off for riding and gyming it and all that, and I feel it, its only been 2 and a half weeks but im caked, i rode 10 minutes to the gym last night, did some upper body, a few low weight over head squats and some plyo and flet ok. I'm using the gym in one of mum's friends garages, its pretty basic but does what i need, they have a gym bike and i was sitting spinning off as dave was doing the bench, "ooo how fast are you going? I average 43kph, we think it only goes to 50" says his missus, strapped my feet in, and 72.8kph later we found out it went a little faster. So thought i'd do some sprints on the way home, bad one, i feel like i've lost all my leg speed and threw up on my doorstep.

I watched the video's from chessy the other day, cruiser looked good, 19+ scott killed it, and elite... main 1, what the hell was tuffy doing? maybe it was just the camara angle but that wasnt a move, that was a deliberate KO and i'd have DQ'd him for it. but thats just me, woop woop, i get my 1st race at ramsey this year on sunday, i'll let u all know how it goes.

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DC said...

That move took 110% commitment from Tuffy, if it pulled off (which it did in main 2) he'll have took 2nd again. He'd been dealt blows by Mapp and Dan Whyte all day long, attempting to shut him off. You can't keep a Tuffy down, and he showed them that no matter what happens he'll always be there throw things off course.

I say that's a true racer, and a fantastic entertainer.