Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pick a berm

Yet again I’m sat on the boat blogging, but with no idiot women distracting me, Shaun’s watching The Unit, but subtitles just don’t do it for me, “oorah”. When did I last do an update? Sunday I guess, there were about 6 of them this weekend, and it seems to keep the fans happy, well Oggy likes it anyhow, talking of the Bradford #1, he’s off to Mega Avalanche this weekend, probably the toughest downhill race in the world, good luck pro.

So this weekend, it was crazy, some proper racing, 6 straights, 5 dirt berms, 300 people, and a forecast for heavy showers on Sunday. Luckily the weather held off and the racing went down a treat, the Elite guys had it all on the line and it made for some pretty rare action, Lawrence wasn’t doing so well in the moto’s and Harrison Brit was killing it, I thought it was all over for Mappy but he found form main time and took the money and the place in Switzerland. But 6 riders, what the hell? It was about quarter to four on Saturday and I was registering, it was so tempted to go elite, I’m not chasing points in 19+ and there is pay out for top 8 no matter who turns up, I like a laugh as much as the next guy but I wasn’t up for making that much of a fool of myself.

For me this weekend was about making up for missing Chesterfield and getting back in the top 4. After being at home for a month and not really riding much I wasn’t on it at all, my snap was wack and what if was lacking in gate technique I sure as hell didn’t make up for with 1st straight pull. Slow doesn’t cover it, I went for it pretty hard on Friday night really pushing myself and had a bit of a rest on Saturday, come moto time though it didn’t really pay off, 1st cruiser race and I was in 4th, Snazel got a great snap, Chad was playing on his new dialled and Dan Pople was ahead of me as well. After that hiccup though I found some form and got 2 3rds, 5th pick, Dan went in 6 which left me with 4, my gates still were not great but the outside really is a long way away. Chad won, Pople in 2, and the MTBer from Crewe in 3rd, I thought he was only going to ride a couple of races this year but it seems like he’s going for it, now he’s starting to influence points is it not time he got a cruiser?

As always 19+ was a laugh, especially as I had no pace what so ever, ended up locking elbows with Chad in my 3rd moto but couldn’t put him over the corner, it’s a long way down. That’s the thing with the UK atm, we’re all really matey, and no-one seems to want it that bad, I’m not sure if I could put someone over a berm; we’ll just have to wait and see. There's only one guy I'd put over a turn and that's this slow youth, he's just gotta get ahead of me.

Got home safe Sunday night after a petrol related diesel incident with CK and the Peckham crew, cheers guys, I owe you. Moved house Monday which was cool, the new place rocks, expect lots of stories from 22, Escort Terrace. The only thing is my room is on the ground floor to accommodate for the bikes and its strange, people just wandering past, I’ll get used to it I guess. So after a busy Monday and Tuesday getting moved and unpacked we had a BBQ then I went over to Fearnville to do some gates, the gate wasn’t happening but Jez and the guys where sessioning the 3rd straight, so I played ball and joined in, then we hit the last straight backwards, after a few runs the pace started to pick up and I was chasing Jordan round from behind the start hill full chat over the finish line backwards and then into the 1st double, we both manualled but I was going that little bit faster than Jordan, tried braking mid manual bonked the front wheel down, bounced of the lip and hit the next roller with a massive bang, winded myself and banged up my shoulder and helmet pretty bad. After inspecting my helmet it just shows why we wear full faces, I’d have been eating through a straw without it. My shoulder is still killing so I’m gonna pop by the hospital on the way home, I refused to go to LGI last night as the waiting times are huge. Played poker one handed instead and won so many hands on the river card, I’d had my bad luck for the day and took home the money.

Anyhow, keep checking back; rumour has it there is a meeting this week with Douglas Corporation about a BMX track they’re wanting to do, I wonder if their ready to hear the number’s I’ve got in mind.

Part 2
So ended up going to the hospital yesterday, the doc told me I'd broken my collar bone, I said I hadnt as i had to race in 2 and a half weeks, 2 x-rays later and he was more into my way of thinking, no brake but quite abit of damage to my acromioclavicular ligament, the doctor recons if this doesnt heal quick the other ligaments in my shoulder will pull my arm out of place, bad one. ah well, im in a sling n taking drugs so all is good. This doc however was in the know, he was talking about BMX racing and saying that he'd heard about the Brits in Peterbro', it just seems to me that BMX is becoming more and more mainstream again, this is a good thing for sure. Parting shot, W5 Ivesy changing his tires for the dirt berms, see ya'll at Burnham ha

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