Saturday, 31 May 2008

They get china, i get the isle of man

So been back home since Wednesday, was pretty worried I'd get bored quickly, two and a half hours in and it happened, I was like, rrrrrrrright so what do i do know? Its all good though, after an initial slump i was getting occupied left right and centre, after the obligatory evening in the pub with the lads I could get into planning the next few days. Went for a run on the beach on Thursday morning with the dog which was cool, and then helped mum out doing some stuff at the yard shifting fences and all that man stuff she leaves until i get home.

Friday morning I went over to where there used to be some trails before uni, well i say trails, but they're more bumps with gaps in the middle, hey roy? ha. was OK though, people have been there and doing a bit but they just seemed in need of some TLC. So after 2 and a half hours with a spade the 1st 3 where looking pretty smooth. Heading up there later today to see how they ride so, woop woop.

Hit up Douglas last night to enjoy the atmosphere and catch a mates band. The prom got busier as the night went on, was going pretty good, we saw wheelies, doughnuts, endo's, 2 Lamborghinis, a Ferrari, ourselves on telly and boobs, love it. Headed up to the pub after that to see a mate from schools band, Uber Room, and without sounding too much like a massive cliche, check out their myspace. The supporting act are also pretty good and I know a couple of the guys, check them at On A Friday Space. Turns out that they wernt supporting at all and the only sign of Uber Room was Brian rocking away in the crowd, had a catch up with him and he assures me they will be playing somewhere in the Isle of Man in the next week, where n when, who knows?

Today is the 1st race of the TT and my house is on the inside of the course so i'm either in, or out for the day, out it is, the trails are calling me. The sun is out, and nothing is gonna get me down. As i write this Shanaze has just won the worlds, well done girl. Kelvin made quarters and in turn should have just qualified GB for an Olympic spot, lets hope so. Today is a good day. Big shout to all the other GB guys who did well this week, Flem W2, Andy Shaw W3, Ivesy W5, W1, Hilly W5, Marco W5.

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