Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ok, i need to stick to deadlines

Time… what an idea, and one I think I am only really starting to get the concept of. Charlotte, a really close friend of mine is doing a philosophy module at uni and I was helping her revise, which got me thinking outside the box about time. Think about it like this, there are 365 days in a year, because the earth rotates 365 times(ish) in a year, but why are there 24 hours in a day? Who decided that 24 was the best number to break it down into, and why 60 minutes and 60 seconds? Why is a second the exact length of time that it is? I’m sure its not random, but who knows why?So seconds, hours, and days, I haven’t really had any free ones, between the 15th of December and today I’ve had 2 days off work, be that School, MSR or Nightlife, the problem is, I’ve got bills to pay, and a national season to save up for so I’m not giving any of them up. I’m not online at the moment, what did I say I was going to write about this time round?2000ft decent I think, but to prefix that – DOWNHILL, comeback!?! I’ve been doing a bit of downhill recently, and loving it, the DH scene over here is pretty big, and where I came from, but how its evolved in 4 years. When I started spending more time at the track and less time in plantations there was a 50/50 split hardtails to full sus rigs and the courses showed that with most things pretty do-able no matter what your steed.Now though you really have to start missing out sections if you don’t have a £3,000 Iron Horse Sunday and I was spending more time on the chicken routes than on the main track. But it shows in the boys riding styles, every single lad (and sarah) ride so smooth and with a certain effortless about them it really is nice to just stand and watch sometimes. And as for Skilly, he really is the definition of loose is fast, quote “oh I didn’t really mean to hit that root but I guess it worked.” Anyhow, to summarise, DH is the scene over here and I’ve been loving it, so I’m on the lookout for a second hand bike, about £1,000ish, I can ride DH on Saturdays, BMX on Sundays, and rest, erm, well that’s not an issue is it.Now you have the background, here is more of a freeride story, but still MTB related, see I try and do BMX but get distracted. On the 27th scott went skiing and lent me his Kona Stab Deluxe, good times. 8 of us drove up the mountain to the old motor cycling museum, parked, pushed for what felt like an age, but was about half an hour to the top of Snaifell, 2000ft +. Then picked the straightest line to the beach in Laxey, it was a great experience, and although I doubt we’ll be doing it again in a while, how many people do you know that have ridden from the top of a mountain to the beach?My Fly deal, nothing new I guess. Outdoors Ramsey the local, bike shop has sorted me out with a deal to keep me fully kitted out in Fly racing kit and I got a pretty sweet hoody the other day. Just waiting on Scoop to bring the tops in so I can send it over to Rich at Urban Air to get printed up for 09, because lets face it, it doesn’t matter where you finish as long as you look the part.And finally, that Katie Perry song… Am I gonna be able to blag this? Nah, on Christmas eve I was doing my sleazy barman thing like I do, hold up, I mean flirty barman thing, and ended up giving this girl my number. Anyhow, there is now a girl on the scene, I haven’t really mentioned the fact that I’m a complete and utter geek who writes about myself on a website though so that’s about as much info as your getting on her.

Because although I don’t really advertise to anyone back home that I blog, I know people read it, some of the kids from the BMX club comment on the fact that I write about boring things (hi Liam), and this Tom fellow that commented about Mr Costa. Jesus has anyone at work stumbled across it yet? So there are people that read it who I genuinely don’t know about, have I earned the right to go on celebrity big brother yet?So I don’t really fancy splashing out someone else’s private life for all to see, mine I’m not so bothered about, not only do I have no shame, I also get the chance to edit what is going on in my head before it hits your PC screen, so I’m on a win win, but what about other people I write about, should I start to think about other peoples feelings? Balls to that, I’m too cool for school.

Its been nice to catch up, speak to ya’ll soon,

But for now, I got reet drunk on Sunday night, big shout out to all the nightlife crew still recovering 3 days later, good times.

P.S. I’ve just secured Ramsey BMX Club exposure on the BBC website on the local section, which lets face it, is ace! More to come.

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Northern Monkey said...

What goes in your head Watney? You are like a cross between Jack from 'Will and Grace'and the dippy bird from Vicar of Dibley....on speed! Funny though, come back soon ya geek!