Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I'm one of them

Normally, my posts are like an Oscar winning film, you know? It starts with a tense scene, with moody lighting and loads of atmosphere but it’s actually the conclusion and the story is about the journey and how you get there. Well this is going to be nothing like that. I don’t even remember the last time I posted, but I do recall the consequences, it appears my little 11 year olds are quite smart and found my internet soap box, it appears I get quite the audience, so sorry I don’t update more, but I really don’t want to bore you with all the menial things that go on. I spend my time sorting the wheat from the chaff to give you the best 5 minutes of your last 10, that kinda thing.

Maybe I should stop “blogging” and start actually writing something productive. Balls to that, I’m having too much fun, so stuff back home... Works going good, dahnhilling is still loads of fun, BMX is feeling a little tired atm, the banter at football is alright, mums moaning I have too many bikes in the hallway, I split with the girl I was seeing, but none of that even begins to impact on how I’m feeling atm. So that was the re-cap, and where am I right now? Who am I one of?

I’m currently sat, on my laptop in Starbucks, sipping a venti mocha with cream IN LEEDS! Sometimes you just need to get away, and after having 2 days off over Christmas I thought I’d take the first chance I could to get back, see the boys, go ride my bike, and remind myself of how the real world works. Charlotte had been back home for her brothers 18th so we did that Saturday night, (yes, I did bad things, no, I’m not going to tell you) I spent Sunday on the sofa dying then yesterday I drove us back to LS6. I finally got to bed at 1:45am after leaving my house the best part of 8 hours earlier, its only a small stretch of water but its’ some effort to get across it.

Jackson woke me up this morning with his caveman like stumbling around having a shower, so that was me up at 7 and not getting back to sleep, Ciaran and him are on an 8-4 at work so I gave them a lift in, not before a bit of banter over breakfast. I really can’t comprehend how much I miss these guys, I laughed more in half an hour over breakfast than I have in the past month. Not that I don’t enjoy being at home, but, well, I can’t describe it.

So that’s where I’m at at half 8 on a Tuesday morning, a big week of plans ahead of me and a smile on my face. If your on the mainland and fancy a catch up holla at me on facebook asap and I’ll try and fit you in, ha. Leeds until Thursday, then over to Manchester for the afternoon/night, down Leicester way Friday night, hit up Derby track Saturday before heading back up to Leeds for Saturday night and Sunday, then home.

Good times x

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Northern Monkey said...

Venti Mocha with cream...? Girls drink...;)