Thursday, 17 April 2008

Jager bomb!!!

Yo, just a quick shout about what's been going on in the world, monday was back to uni and reading about walking being good for you, wow. A pretty cool thing I've been looking into this week tho is training and competing in one sport giving you an advantage in another, i.e. transfering from playing football at a good level but not the greatest, getting into rugby and already being pretty good just because of being physically and mentaly trained at an invasion game, again it sounds pretty simple but some studies recon future elite athletes do more physical activity at 8 years old compared to people who end up doing sport at a uni level. mental.

anyhow hit the gym Monday and Tuesday but decided to give it a rest on wednesday and went down to the place to be... Chesterfield! So grabbed a lift of Jez, who is just back riding after time off with a broken wrist, and Jordan was gonna make the most of gate time with nothing going on at Leeds yet. Tuffys got it going on down there (I owe you £2 buddy), not many riders but all pretty quality, DC doing 6 full effort laps in a sessionm, he's coming back from China with a medal! I've gotta admit i only did 2 laps, i felt slow and sluggish, it wasnt until the end of the night that i finally got a couple of good gates, and felt like it was worth doing a big effort. Its one thing being fast at your local stomping ground, but when you go to someone elses it puts you back in check, Ive got a long way to go! If i've got the time (and petrol) im all about traveling to do gates wherever they're on, it can only help

Got back to mine and the front room was full of hot ladeees, a quick shower and 2 big bottles of beers later and we hit town. I recon the best nights are always the unplanned ones where you just end up going out cos your in a good mood, and when i get back in from gates i tend to be pretty pysched most of the time. Found a club called Wire which we've heard abit about and thought we'd give it a go, it was pretty quite and apparently wednesday night isnt the night to go, but it was better than i'd expected, massive dancefloor and little "cave"esque booths to chill in. After a couple of beers the adrenaline wore off and i got tired really quickly so hit the jagerbombs, and that was the downfall, didnt last more than 2 hours out and went home asap, a really good find tho, we will be going back!
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