Saturday, 19 April 2008

ready for the weekend

All's good in the hood. Tomorrow i plan to try and give the mobile update a go from Coppull regional, so keep checking back for the results and a picture as it happens! As well as the North Regional its the 4X NPS this weekend down in Chicksands, good luck to Nigel and Oggy going down from Bradford as well as paddy and all the other BMXers making the trip. On a blog note, been reading Suttys blog alot, check it out in the links, its a good read.

I went to a possible venue for a new track in Leeds on Friday with Jez, the track is on a Youth Group site with football pitches, high ropes and motorbike course. The field where the track is gonna be is right next to the canal and kinda has an amphitheatre vibe going on, so gonna be great for atmosphere when events roll round. The plan is for a 300m ish track with
a duel trails line running on the outside around half the track. Lets hope its as awsome as it could be. Then i hit Fearnville for abit, managed about half an hour before it started raining, so cold my i couldnt feel my fingers, riding on my own i dont really fancy pushing it just in case somethin happens, but its good to give the legs a spin.

Gate session at Bradford today, a good few gates giving me the holeshot at practice, its hard when oggys not around to gauge how fast i'm actually going. We closed off the 3rd straight and started giving that a go backwards, did some cornering moves with Flip, Snazel, Nige and Rob and Josh T, then had a few runs at the 2nd straight just copying each others lines. The youth are the future, its all about the carrot and the stick!

Pic, Snazel, me and Flip after a mint Bradford session

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