Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Speed bumps suck

After the funny sound my car was making when i turned up at Cheddar Saturday night i thought it better go see the car doctor, he got it up on the lift poked the back box and it swung, hit it abit harder and it fell off, cause... traffic calming measures, not only do they ruin my car but im convinced they add to polution, as i have to accelerate back up to 30 after going over one, rant, rant, rant. anyhow, quick fix and 60 notes later and im back on the road, woop. whilst I'm driving i want to be listening to the new Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris song but cant download the proper version anywhere, Trevor Nelson said it was fresh, but i want it now. Check it.

Went to the gym yesterday for a light spin, which turned into a sweat till I'm dry session, I've really got no self control. Went today did another half an hour sweaty bike session then wanted to hit the weights hard, maxxed out the leg press machine, after my 3rd effort i wanted to stop but decided on the spot i was going to win at least one cruiser national this year and quiting is for losers, ended up pushing out another 3.

Added some more pictures to the weekend write up, check em, at least 8 hours in uni 2morow or I give up, need some motivation, other than gettin a degree obviously. Oh, and pictures, the lad going down in this pic is Jack Hall, who's a fast as ken, up and coming youth straight out the North East, his dad's making some pretty rad practice gates, go to youtube.com for a look at how it works and how to get hold of him. check out fastlanephotography.co.uk for more pictures like this one, some great action shots, the guys got vision. Good luck to all the guys heading out to Germany this weekend, especially those talented youths pimping it in CK's van.

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