Friday, 2 May 2008

1001 hits

It seems i'm pretty popular ha, been a good week, had my Major Independant Study lecture and got the go ahead from the physchology lecturer to start doing my prep work onto a research paper looking into reaction times in relation to the start gate situation. Already got some pretty interesting data, this time next year it should be worth a read.

Its the Isle of Man Youth Tour this weekend back home. The last stage of the event finishes right next to the track so Ramsey BMX is doing its come and try day at the same time to give the roadies a chance to watch some BMX. I guess it'll be a pretty small turn out of riders compared to England but the passion is still there from the guys and there's always lots of smiling faces. I've got big plans for Ramsey BMX, just wish i had more time to be there to big up the club to the locals. Heres some of the track changes that have been happening over winter.

As for me this weekend, I'm off to Preston in the morning to get some gates in against the big guns in the North (Blogger Sutty's got the snap) before catching up with some mates in the afternoon, then hitting the Manchester Veldrome for a Chris Beagley organised session, it's nice to just let your legs go for a spin and oh my, those corners are steeeeep. Spending the night in Preston before the regional on sunday so no doubt i'll be found on a curb somewhere at 4am ish, pick me up and carry me home please. Sunday, expect the same updates as normal, if your interested in the final placings ASAP then i'll be doing the text update so you know where to go. Sunday night, me n the guys are helping Linzi out with her final piece of work modelling some of her T-shirts. You know its cos i'm pretty.

If you holeshot you have a 79% chance of winning, believe.

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