Monday, 12 May 2008

Come together

This weekend has been awsome, Bradford gates in the sun on saturday, then took flip to the trails to see what was what, Jordan was already on the floor when i got there after attempting the 5th one, and well erm, not making it. Get well soon yoof. Got back to the house at about 6 and the lads had been to buy a BBQ, a great investment me thinks, had a few guests round and generally a good one, decided to sit out of the poker that was starting at 11 to get some pro sleep.

And it was well worth it, mansfield is only 80 minutes away, but i hardly ever get there cos they do gates tuesdays which is a uni day till 7. Anyhow i drove down with Ben and Snazel, Ben wasnt racing, and is off to Egypt tomorrow, have a great time mate. Anyhow, the track is great, ended up killing some kid in the 1st corner during practice (really sorry youth) didnt see him until mid air on the doubles into the turn, i locked up on landing but still went into him, Snazel recons i should have T-boned him over the berm, but who knows where he'd have ended up (feel free to come and kick me in the shin at the national kid). I havent raced on that 1st straight before and you need some pull, that 1st corner is crazy, the jump into it kinda kicks you to the outside abit so its a strange feeling, and there is only 1 line round that 1st corner, woop woop. Had a perfect day on my cruiser 1.1.1. in moto's, gate 5 in the main and led from the gate.

20" was mental, 29 riders in 17+ which was amazing to see at a regional, even tho it was a midlands/east anglia round there where loads of northerners coming out to play. I felt i had an OK first straight but need to start doing some longer sprints to be able to spin round the whole track. Was everage down the 2nd straight into the wind and then, really empty come the 3rd straight. But with this track i can really see whoever has the holeshot having a massive advantage. Me, Ethan (sponsored by Monster) and Snazel from the north in the C final, ha, Ryan Yearsley took the win with Eth in 2nd, I was in 3r into the last corner and tried railing the corner, apparently not such a good idea and got swooped, ah well, its all good practice before next week.

The real memory of the day for me though was sitting up on the start hill just before my final and Andy Restal getting on the mic and giving the crowd the full Kelvin story, it really was an emotional moment. I wont be forgeting it for a while, and it'll be a nice anecdote when Kelv does well at the worlds in a couple of weeks and books is place in The Olympics.

Great news for me though, my cruiser back wheel that i was having trouble with was still kicking up a fuss on Sunday so I have a set of custom built Sutty Hoops on the way for the weekend. Sutty built up my 20" wheels as well and I love em, Sun Rhyno Lite camo rims built on DXR hubs, front and back, with custom nipples, b, e, a, utiful. Cant wait to ride these.

Bit of a lame blog, sorry, I've got an exam at 9 tomorrow and this is just a rest from revision, I will be motivated mid week for a good one. As per usual pics coutesy of and guest blogger, BootaTM

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