Wednesday, 14 May 2008

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So yer, after my horrible update on Monday night with the stresses of revision and all that im in a much better place right now. The exam went ok, it was on research methods, so loads of stats questions and "what test would you use in this situation" a couple of questions got me thinking about next years MIS and the best way to go about conducting my own research, im really psyched about where its all going to end up. Pic from my 20" final on Sunday, cheers Rob Hawker.

Your not allowed to leave the exam in the 1st or last 30 minutes, so in an hour exam your there for the whole time, finished with 10 minutes to spare, checked it all through and then started doodling. Came up with an awsome idea for a logo for Suttys Hoops and headed straight for the computer labs afterwards to get it dealt with. Suttys really sorted me out recently and its good to do what i can to pay him back. Rich over at has already done a brilliant job printing up my jersey with my name and the 3 legs so its back with him getting sorted for the weekend to show im rolling on Hoops.

Tuesday night went down to Mansfield in the GBbus with Jez, I need a van, the estate car is good but a van is sooo easy. Adam Smith had come all the way down from Hartlepool for a session, the local big hitters where DC, Tuffs and Jason Jessop where there doing their thing, and it was a pretty good session, the pressure is off now i recon, after Sunday i feel i've got the track pretty much as sorted as im gonna get it, just gotta hold my head come race time. Going to watch Iron Man tonight for the 2nd time, its brilliant, you gotta watch it, oh yer and a late happy birthday to Snazel, who was 18 yesterday.

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sutty said...

nice one Wan,

Thanks for the props.

Your wheels are ready to roll, they ain't brand newies, but fully sealed and straight. Alloy nips the lot.