Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Back on track, kind of

Im gonna ride my bike this weekend, I've decided! So i was riding up to the hospital on Monday for my physio thinking to myself, "hmmmm, as long as this isnt a complete write off I may sneak on the boat on Thursday and make it down to Burnham" no chance, after gettin poked and proded for half an hour, Hannah, the lovely red head appointed to make me better had talked down any hopes of racing for 3 weeks. So i've got a 3 week course of physio that entails playing with an elastic band and getting ultra-sound, but im not pregnant?! I never really noticed how much you need full body fitness to ride, you know? legs to pedal and hands to grip, you can ride whatever else just not as good, not so true, last week i could just about make it to the shops.

Was Jenny's 21st BBQ on Saturday, was a really good afternoon/night. The sun was out and I "borrowed" the PA from the BMX club so we had some serious base. Jen seemed to have a really good night which is all that matters i guess. Rumour has it Joe (right) didn't make it home, but i'll discuss that with him at the gym tonight. I dont remember much past bar logo which is never good, I'm gonna go easy on the boose now for a while, its not big or clever, and the phone call i made at 3 in the mornin for a booty call did not need to be made, no-one should ever be that drunk. Especially as I had my gym induction at 10 the following morning, I headed over to the track after that to be call up boy and finish line girl for the days racing, some of the littluns are looking really strong this year with some krazy last straight sprint. Then back to bed for the rest of Sunday afternoon before my top gear fix.

After physio on Monday i headed up to MSR office in douglas as their re-introducing a "cycle skills" coaching session for the summer holidays and wanted to talk things over with me as i'll be lead coach. Spent an hour talking to Gianni about what we could do and how to get more numbers involved, as well as being part of MSR Gee is also the Cycling Associations Developement Officer so we get on quite well. Anyhow, i spent this morning putting together a lesson plan for these 2 hour sessions so there is some sort of lay out if i get sick. Who'd have thunk that I'd be advising the Sports Developement Unit on how to plan sessions, that should look great on my CV.

I'm gutted that i'll not make it back to Burnham this year, it's a great venue and always gets some good racing, plus there's always a pretty girl or two to be found. To all the guys going to Burnham have a great time and good luck, to all those not going - sorry the blog updates wont be bringing you the news as it happens.

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