Friday, 25 July 2008

Whats up, Bradford, whats up?

I really want to just be getting into my car and heading down that 4 hour drive to Burnham but instead im stuck on the rock with my stupid shoulder injury. Had physio again yesterday with another load of ultrasound, Hannah said that I could give up with the rubber band and start doing some strength and conditioning work in the gym instead which rocks, but pressing 30k on each arm I can only hit 16 before it starts to hurt, this is gonna be a long road to recoveryville. But when im fit i can get back to Radford and ride there, this pic is a couple of weeks old but things look to be in good shape, the north is where its at, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Preston, Preston, Coppull, thats 6 tracks that could happily hold a national, even Crewe, wooooop.

Not only is it national time weekend but its the Red Bull Empire of Dirt comp down in Cider country, check the Video Gallery, it just takes smooth to another level. Anyhow I'm not where its happening, I'm on the rock, was out in town last night for dinner with a friend before she goes off to Turkey, it was the end of term at my old secondary school and the teachers where out in force, had a catch up with some of them after dinner, its so much easier to get on with them when their not telling you their right all the time and you know they're not. 52 states Darren, 52 states! Philli and the girls are back from euro-tripping so caught up with them which was cool too. Anyhow my aunty has split with her boyf an is moving into our spare room so im off to do some heavy lifting and general man stuff. Scotts back tommorrow so i assume beer is on the cards.

Freestylers - Push Up Word Up - Freestylers

Oh and go out and buy Ultimate Streetdance its been blasting the speakers in my car for a week or so and im not even slightly bored.

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