Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Lets not forget

First off, before you read this you have to understand that although it may sound like a sad story I'm really happy. So I guess I better drop the bomb... I'm not going back to Uni, or Leeds for that matter. Stop. Digest. Ok. So last Thursday I was driving home from work and thinking how much I was getting out of coaching and seeing the kids happy, for the first time in ages i felt like i was achieving something with my time, i got home and got the letter through from uni saying that because of getting bad grades two years in a row on a core module that they weren't allowing me to continue, after loads of thought it isnt such a bad thing, I've had my 3 years in Leeds and I've pretty much loved every minute of it, there have been the all-nighters up doing work which havent been so great, but on the flip side I have an unlimited amount of happy memories of some of the best times of my 21 years.

Being in the real world I'm gonna go out, get a job and help people, I dont have to delay it any more with pointless lectures to get a rediculously overpriced piece of paper. As I said before its a great place but I've had my chance and its over. I have however met people who I'm not sure how I'm going to survive without. To the boys; going out will never be the same again, my happiest nights have been with you lot, the incubus gig, haloween next door, many a poker night, those nights at Hi-fi and just waking up knowing your surrounded by friends. Helen; you work so hard and deserved that 1st, sorry I won't be around to save you from burglars and let you cry on my white shirts. Charlotte and Emily; God knows how you'll survive without me, just look after each other and I'm only a call away. Plus I'll be back in freshers week to try it on with all your mates.

Next to the thing I'm really going to miss the most, the BMX community. So many thank you's, so many sorry's. In no particular order, Ian T, Oggy, Jez, Sutty and Co, Mr n Mrs Flip, Mrs Strick, Nigel S and Mr Butterfield thank you for everything, I wouldnt be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys giving me lifts, advice and inspiration. And thanks to the rest of you, from all over the country for being part of the BMX family that I've been part of for the past 3 years, Ok so I was an annoying little brat back in 05, and now I'm an annoying big brat. When i get myself sorted out and have some money behind me I'll be back, and bigger and faster than ever.

Whats next? The sports development job I've got is just for the summer so in September I'm looking to start a full time job, just browsing the paper for careers, the plan is to get a role in education or sport, a teaching assistant or learning support seems to be a good plan at the moment. Give me a shout if you hear of anything, in England or on the rock, I'm as free as a bird and will go where the work is.


As to how life is for me apart from that, its summer and I'm loving it, I raced for the 1st time in a month on Sunday, I was shattered by the last straight and really am not fit but my shoulder was ok, and I won, just. Work is going great, as well as the Mtb course we do (see title pic), I ran 2 Cycle Skills sessions on Monday with all the kids loving every minute and I got a load of possitive feedback from the parents, its nice to be appreciated. All the other coaching is going good, I even did a cricket session yesterday. I'm making new friends at work, got a boosh night planned next week, woop. Sessions at the track are going well with 11 riders planning on hitting the brits, on Monday I had a 4 year old jumping the small table top, with the older riders getting some air over a bar, check Luke Murray doing his thing.


And my friends are great, Rowe laughed a little too much when i told the boys in the pub about the whole fail thing but its all good banter, went down the beach on saturday before hitting town, I love life. ON a geekier note, blogger aint letting me upload pics so these are from photobucket, its not great quality web editing but it'll do.


Northern Monkey said...

Mate, fair play for making the jump. UK BMX will have you back whenever you are ready... good luck in the job search!

Gav said...

Good luck , dont worry , school isn't the be all & end all , so enjoy whatever you decide to throw yourself into , just be enthusistic about it & things have a habbit of working out. If you can project your enthusiasm onto some of the youth on the rock then thats a start. Pretty sure we will se you trackside on the mainland soon.

Take Care

Gav (BikeVideos)

sutty said...


won't be the same without you fella. Glad you aren't too bummed and at least you know what to do next.
keep in touch.
the suttys