Thursday, 25 September 2008


So all the tracks are getting this and that done, and being back home and having to ride a track straight from the 80's I thought I'd jump on the train and get Ramsey BMX track looking more like a BMX track than a cycle speedway circuit. For the purposes of a development plan (and sounding like I know what I'm doing) I've split the re-vamp into 5 stages.
So Stage 1 we did the week before the Brits, by sticking a roller in at the bottom of the start hill and changing the 1st double into a longer lower tripple, its worked pretty well and teched up the track a load, this small change is just the challenge the kids on the rock are needed, its brought on their riding loads in just a few weeks.
Stage 2, in the past couple of days I've had 180 tonnes of sub soil and hardcore dumped at the track. I headed over the track this morning with £100 cash in my pocket, the promise of a 5 tonne digger and driver and BIG plans. I talked the digger driver over my plans and he sorta went... "3 hours? Don't think so." Plans got adapted and sacrifices got made but we managed to get the main job done, a proper berm in the 1st corner. Now when you look at something in your head and think how it will look, is it normally smaller than it turns out? Well this is, seriously, chaos corner has nothing on the "wall of death", I can't wait to get it fine tuned, whack some surface on it and get it riding, its awesome. Max from Lezayre Landscapes who did phase one with me is coming on saturday with his mini digger and we're gonna get everything fine tuned as well as stick in a jump on the exit of the corner into the bomb hole.
Big shout out to Liam, who is gonna be getting his crowser game on next season as well as repping in 19+. Holla to Rich with his new haircut, friends soon to be in the Isle of Wan, and mega fast clock, like a week fast. Brrrrrap snap to Sutty, 2 chains in 2 weeks, and you say I've got too much power. OJ's also got a blog, check it. Keep an eye out for Ramsey BMX's new blogspot which will be coming soon, and check out for all your IoM related news though its pretty bare. Infact, so many more blogs to check, whats been up2? Hoppy won a NBL race! What fly kit will I be buying for next season? And what THE lid will I be shelling out for after my near fatal accident last weekend? I'm sure I noticed something else I should be linking the other day, ah well if its you, im sorry, message me, I'm fickle, you can have a link if you ask nicely.

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