Monday, 29 September 2008

1 blog down, 1 to go

With all my free time I started up a blog for Ramsey BMX Club, check it! So after just writing the update for that, here is mine. Thursday night after the fun mornings building I had, Skillz, Bri, Sarah and me went down the track to have a play, you could ride around the 1st berm but it wasn't what you'd call finished, and not much had changed, the only thing really going off was the 2nd straight which hadn't been touched, it was just a case of, the weathers good, lets ride. It turned into, who can jump that with the smallest run up, so all about getting you power down, the MTB boys had a bit of an advantage over me by dropping a gear or 2 down to get spinning, but it was a laugh.

I worked nightlife on Friday night, it was dead, just over 60 people in. Got home at 4am and was at the track at 8.30. Max and I worked pretty much solidly all day untill 7 to get things finished. For more info and what have you check, basically cos I've just written about it once, can't be bothered doing it again. Or can I? From a different perspective really, you know when you'r doing alterations at your track and all the rider muck in? Well it was like that only the kids helping weren't club members, just you're average, out for a ride in the sun kids. It was awesome, a really atmosphere and community spirit thing going down. A mum was down with her 3 and 4 year old sons and was helping chuck some surface on the double into the bomb hole, she was mega impressed with the whole set up and really keen to lend a hand, her motivation, "well everytime I come down with the lads now, they'll remember mummy building that jump." Tbh its true, when the whole community mucks in and helps out it gives them a good feeling as well as the track getting better, so watch this space for more child labour and big things from Ramsey BMX.

Got home about 7:30pm, washed, ate, got ready for work and was at Nightlife again for 10, busier night with only 3 on the bar and 250 drunks, your average Saturday really, pretty ladies to keep me entertained, and drunken yobs for me to wind up. Home at half 4 and up for 9, theres always time to sleep when I'm dead. I headed down to Arrasey plantation with Charlottes little brother to watch the Downhill race they had on, practice, 10-1, first run at 1 should have meant we could have watched the 1st run in time to get Henry to football for 2. It all got held up and we didn't get to see any flyers but it was still nice to walk to course and see a couple of people going hard at different sections. I don't even know who won, but be sure to check the forum later on if your keen to get involved with downhilling on the rock. And yes, that is the sea in the background of this pic of Bri, you don't get a view like that at many downhill tracks in the UK do you? I can think of three like that on the rock.

Managed to drop Henry off in time out at Ayre for me to make it to the track to DJ and commentate on racing, I love watching the kids ride and we've just bought a wireless mic which means I was running around the whole joint getting loud and lairy, its great to have the freedom to rome and see things from a different angle. Commenating is a nightmare though, not many of the kids ride with number plates and we dont do a copy of moto-sheets for the guy with the mic so I'm just expected to know their names, its fine with the kids that come to gates, as they're the guys who's names I know, and they're out there in front so I know to big them up, but I feel bad for the guys at the back of the younger ages, cos I have no clue what they're called. But it was fun, I rode abit in the break and launched the new jump into the bomb hole, taking it like a tripple rather than the double on top, it needs abit more tlc but should be good by next weekend.
Hit up the cinema last night to watch Tropic Thunder, took Philli just to make Scott jealous, mate, she kissed me on the cheek. After the initial, hilarity of JDjr as a black man had worn off things got a little stale and I was gettin bored, it all kicked off around half way through and did get alot better, so if you do go, fight the urge to walk out and you may enjoy it. Tom Cruise plays the money behind the film, but is so well made up I didn't realise, it was only when the credits rolled, n I was like, wtf? A couple of good one liners, and one moment where its silent and then the whole room laughs, 6/10. Wen't to the Royal afterwards to see what they've done in the re-furb, is nice, I liiiiike.

Now I'm just waiting for this stupid police check, c'mon, I'm innocent.
Oh yer, and Bloomy at Peter-bro...

Oh my days

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