Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All exposure is good PR

Yesterday I was just flickin around on facebook when Shaun "the machine" Kelly posts this on my wall;
Juan Watney is the Ramsey kids hero! Forget the power rangers, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. A bloke for ramsey riding a kids 20" wheel bike, is the main man! Legend!
Yer, I was as confused as you are, it turns out that in one of the Papers over here (The Isle of Man Examiner if you want a copy) has an article in, oh my god your not ready for this, im sat here chuckling to myself, are you sitting down?...

I was in stiches, so from now on, I shall be refered to as Hero, and will not be answering to any other names. Once you've stopped laughing I guess this is a great thing for BMX over here. The club get a couple of paragraphs in the Manx Independant everyweek to print the results from the previous Sundays racing but normally due to so much going on on the rock are hard pushed to get stuff in.
The way I see it, getting people into BMX is all about good PR, the Olympics was great for us as a sport but now we need to jump on it and work hard to get people in. Over the next 6 months I'm gonna be so pro-active and in everyones face they'll be sick of me, but they'll be talking BMX, riding BMX and hopefully racing too. Anyhow just thought I'd let you all see what made me laugh.


Gav said...

You were always my hero anyway , so nothing new there , good work tho !

Northern Monkey said...

A BMX hero in a hi-vis vest.... you are rock and roll Wan!!