Tuesday, 21 October 2008

"Pro" sections

A couple of weeks ago I read an article over at The University of BMX. It was about the Olympics and where this guy sees BMX going in the future. Oh god, I went all uni in my head and was scared I was about to critically analyse it, ahhhhhh, don't worry, I'm not. Most of it made perfect sense though and I've been promosing to link it for a couple of people so here it is. But one thing that has stuck in my mind is the track design issue's, not just there but some guy over at go211.com was on about optional pro sections, and with my whole track makover thing at Ramsey happening the cogs slowly started to turn.

The idea of Pro Events is great, and the future of BMX I'm sure, a major spectacle for the crowds, and great racing. But what about at the lower levels? We need a steping stone, Pro Sections should be things of the past, deciders are where its at. Preston is a good example; at the Summer regional before the track had changed the outside "pro" line was slower so come race time it was less about hangtime and more about pumping the inside, which looked pants tbh. They noticed and did something about it, teched up the inside and made it alot closer about which line to choose.


With Pro sections there are stupid arguements, look at Wales national last year when junior men had to vote to see if they where alowed to jump to pro section in racing, thats just not cool and not the way to progress now is it? If we're gonna have tracks to do everything then we need more deciders. Look at South Park, the inside line into the last corner is a BIG pro double and its the fastest route, so if you can jump it thats the line you want to take, if you cant, you go round and it takes longer. Simple. I think its on Transit 7 that in the 14's a kid does it and goes from 3rd to 1st, props.

I really think that thats the way we need to start building our tracks, with something for everyone, Hartlepool is a great race track with something for everyone, and it showed come national time. Even better is the the youth they're bringing through... Adam Smith and Jack Hall are a perfect example, Hartlepool track has got them to where they are now, but where next? These two lads are at the top of their game, but now they're gonna have to move off their doorstep to find something bigger.


As well as that, Pro sections are really hard to get right, look a Shanaze at the Olympics, going to fast to get across to the am section. Wales, the Pro section is the longer way round. Bradford (ok I haven't ridden it) but from the looks of it getting into that last corner from the Pro line is going to be tricky. So why not just make more deciders? At Ramsey when I've got the track up to a decent standard top of my list is to build another straight.

In summary, I've got too much time on my hands, please someone tell the police I'm not a criminal and that I should be allowed to start work.

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