Monday, 15 December 2008

hey ya'll

So its blog time again, I’m really falling behind, and I am sorry, it’s a combination of a few things I guess, havin a proper job, being pretty busy and most of all i suppose, being on the rock. All you lovers out there are from the BMX scene, and I’ve gone from being a small but social fish in a lake, being in the know about most things UKBMX to being the biggest fish in a small B&Q garden pond. I recon you should pin your hopes of this next blurb of text on the “being pretty busy” part and pray something interesting comes up... You still interested in reading?

First things first then, LIFE IS AMAZING, I’m suffering from karma, but not the bad kind. All the good things that I have done in my life I am gaining from right now. Work is good, but can’t really say too much, and you never know who’s reading. Basically, some people are of the opinion; “your only 22, what do you know?” But the important people aren't, so what do I care?

I have secured a deal for riding next year, with the added cost of getting off the rock for the national series I may struggle financially, so the local bike shop is sorting me out with a race kit and some gear to keep the bills down. I put him in touch with Rich at Scoop so this is his way of saying thanks, so don’t forget kids, ask Santa for Fly Racing and Maxxis goodies this Christmas. And on that note, thanks to Sutty for all the help this season, I’ll be running Hoops again for as long as you keep building them, best wheel builds you can get.
Today I got a phone call from the cafe close to the track, they sponsored the club a couple of years ago to the tune of a couple of hundred quid, and wondered if we were still after some funding. He knows the promo guy for a company we have all heard of and is going to pass on my number as he was asking about the club. If this comes off it will be big. Other club news, we’re in the process of getting a new container for storage and getting a porta-kabin for all other admin needs. The local police station has 5 BMX’s that haven’t been claimed for ages so will be donating them to the club. The winter series is going well, it’s the 1st time the club has kept going over the winter for as long as anyone can remember and its going great. 29 riders at the last race, and the winter doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off.
Was in Douglas on Thursday doing some Christmas shopping and got my first real teacher experience outside of school, followed into a shop by half a dozen giggly year 9 girls, “hi Mr Watney” the guys in the shop loved it, hilarious. Met up with Adam afterwards and hit up Costa (no Starbucks on the rock you see) the guy who owns it, well, is the franchisee, is an absolute character. I couldn’t work in there, the guy is a nightmare, fair enough its his money on the line but oh my days... think David Brent crossed with Terry Tibbs, he got a phone call and I half expected to hear “talk to me”. Quality mid shopping interval entertainment fo sure.

That was your update kids, keep checking back, and don’t forget to hit up


Northern Monkey said...

Sounds like its all going good....but Costa only? Man, I'd move...haaaaa!

Tom said...

Typical Costa hey ! Every1 no's about that guy in there.

"I'd like a medium latte please"

response "Why not large"

I replied "Well if your going be gobby, I'll take my money elsewhere"

I got my medium Latte