Monday, 1 December 2008

Its been too long

Jees guys, I hadn't realised that I've not really been posting until nmky.blogspot pointed out that I was MIA, and yeah, it's been 3 weeks. Krazy. So whats the news? not much really, same old, I love my new job, I haven't really been riding much, well much on the 20", I have however been gettin out with Skillz on the road on average about 2wice a week which is good, keeps the legs spinnin, plus a gate practice or a race I guess I'm doin enough considering its winter.

I have been posting over at ramseybmx.blogspot if your missing my illiterate charm. I was at the track on Saturday morning with Max sticking some surface down and mixin a jump up a little, well alot, sticking a new face on it and shifting the downside up 18 inches and about 5 foot back, so yeah, i guess not so little, woop. We had about 20 kids at gates and it was awesome, everyone was smiling, riding together and pushing each other, it's mental that some 11 year old kid smoothing a jump makes me happy. Ramsey BMX really is going places, and I'm at the wheel hahaha.

I'm as sick as a dog, I promise, I'll write soon. Oh yeah, and as of 2 weeks ago I've got a new position at the Cycling Association.

Yours sincerely

Juan Watney

Junior Development Coordinator
Isle of Man Cycling Association

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