Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I'm going home now

I'm off to the rock 2morow, and still haven't packed properly, its 0120, I've got to be up at 5 to drive to Liverpool and my room looks like a bomb site
Its all good though, today was down at EIS again doing much of the same from yesterday but experimenting with gears, all was good until i got back to Leeds at about 7 and realised i had the key for the laser timer in my bag, uho, a quick call to EIS later and Pete is going to drop it off on his way back down south tomorrow night, cheers man, much respect.

So yer, going home, its crazy, i haven't been back since Jet was put down, although he was a massive scary dog to some he was turning into one of the family and its gonna be strange without him about, what else has changed? mum's bought leather sofa's, new car, the track has changed apparently, there will be 60.000 bikers then when i get back, i guess the weather will be great one day then rubbish the next, but that's same old.

Keep checking back for blogs and things, although they will most likely be less frequent and pretty definitely be dam boring, I'll be back as soon as i can though, cant have Twarn ruling the north for too long.

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