Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Testing Talent

So Yesterday I headed off down to EIS in Sheffield to meet up with the talent team guys and guests to do some more prep work. This camp has got a strong emphasis on testing so it was all about getting your best times on the sprint straight. So this was each rider doing 60 meter efforts of the start gate with split times every 10 meters being measured. After that we had some time left over on the track so they did some 10 meter efforts just to get their snap on, Dan wasn't impressed with his times so decided to go for it and really get the fastest time he could, so... this happened

The funny thing was, it did improve his 10 meter time, it shouldn't really have with wind resistance not meaning that much at that stage, its all in your head Dan, but if you can do it here you can do it on the gate next to bloomy. Headed to the gym after that for some more testing, its all pretty basic but gives a good measurable indication of physical strength. I think we sometimes forget that this is as much of a sport if not more than other mainstream disciplines and we are athletes, so stick some salad on your plate and put another plate on the squat rack.

catch ya'll later

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