Monday, 19 May 2008

It's been such a long time coming, I thought you'd understand

Well I had to have a couple of bad races at some point this season, slightly gutted I had both of them in one weekend. Just to clear some stuff up, I decided to ride only cruiser on Saturday to see if racing both bikes was having a negative effect on my racing and so I'd have time to do some video recording for my MIS uni work, which Mick Hall helping out on the 2nd and 3rd sets of moto's, cheers man. Unfortunately though racing didn't really turn out all good, had 1 1 3 in my moto's, had a good gate in the final but unclipped, of all the gates I do a week why oh why did it have to happen in the main!?!
So yer, headed down to Mansfield on Friday after downloading the new pendulum album, its awsome, get it. Set up camp and had a couple of laps practice, which turned into quite alot of practice, you know once you start to flow its hard to stop. Went for a pro beer with the Goldcoast crew, but walking into a pub and hearing DMX is always a good thing. Twarn is a legend, throwing down some shapes on the dance floor.

Saturday I spent the 1st bit of the morning avoiding open practice, picking up my new wheels from Suttys Hoops, BFR rims with a Pro Factor Hub on the back and Primo on the front, slightly heavier than my old wheels but they roll so smooooth, so remember, if your after some wheels, get in touch with Sutty. After that picked up my jersey from Rich at, loving the print, cheers man. Was gutted with my results on cruiser, and I dont like loosing, so sorry for not saying well done to you OJ but thats just the way I am, after racing its good to go and spin your legs off and have some time to yourself. Of the evening got to socialise, cheers to everyone for being in a good mood, Arran, hope your exam went well.

Sunday, another day another dollar, was racing both bikes and it didnt really seem to affect things too much, was just rubbish on both, 19+ is stacked so i was happy to be in the mix halfway down the 1st straight, I need to ride more, do some sprints and be able to be pulling all the way to the 1st corner cos at the moment i'm getting left. If you look closely i'm just the other side of the chaos, ha. Cruiser i blew my gate and couldnt find a way through, got 5th. Sitting in 4th in the series at the moment but hopefully with a round to drop.

Name check - Dan Mcbride won 15-16's, not only is this lad fast as but he's abit of a legend as well, nice race kit but not enough co-ey's. ha. Lawrence Mapp as always was on top form on and off the track, gettin a 2nd and 3rd in elite, but his best of all, lending me some snips, cheers to you and EA-Revell Racing, cos i know your all checking. Well done to Jordan Hayes and Johny Hastings who got 3rd and 4th in their semi on Sunday after the officials changing their minds 3 or 4 times, it really was that close, at least with the finish line camara you can review it now instead of all the pressure on the ladies at the line.

See ya'll at Crewe on Sunday

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