Saturday, 24 May 2008

I've been keeping my eye on your movements

Just counting down to going home for the summer now, I was really looking forward to it but as the summer is starting to get into full flow here, I'm really not too keen. I love the rock, its where i grew up and I'll always have that special connection with it. but what is there? The next couple of weeks should be cool at least with TT and i'll stay busy with mates i guess, and play in the new car. TT, because I've grown up with it i dont enjoy it as much as i could but it is a really good couple of weeks and the racing is always fast as, the course record was set last year with the top guy AVERAGING 140MPH, thats over a 38mile lap, seriously fast. Check it out on and it should be on ITV4 next week most nights.

It turns out mum cant surf the web properly at work so doesnt hit up blogger, but has her friends spying on me instead, mental. So this week I've mainly been going to church, helping old lady's cross the road and been to the occasional strip club. Yesterday ended up on a pretty random date, wanted to go on the sly so found this italian place just on the edge of headingly, walked in the door n one of the guys who's on my course (also re-sitting) was working the bar, BUSTED. Gaz is a bit of a legend, so all was good. No gossip on the girl tho, a gent should never kiss and tell.

Hit up Fearnville today with Mr Hoops himself (check his account of it all) and Gav (, not related to Brian) Foster. Was hella windy but still a laugh, Jacob didnt come as he's off on his 1st talent team camp tomorrow and resting, good luck yoof. I'll be catching up with the guys down at EIS on Monday to remind myself how all the timing works and come up with a plan for how to do my MIS next year.

Gav has got mad skills and I saw a different side today, quad manualling the last straight, wish i could do that. I was still tring the jump to manual on the tripple and landing heavy every now and again, not that bothered, rolling on a really strong set of HOOOPS. And proving my Leeds last straight theory right, Sutty turned up and spotted ANOTHER line, so come on down and add what you can to the mix, gate sessions to start soon. Also went to the trails and after a dismall "these arent trails, they're bumps with gaps in" start, sutty was loving it, doin more runs than the rest of us put together, its so nice hearing the front wheel buzz on his foot as he's doing an x-up.

Crewe 2morow, go on do it, even Oggys talking of coming and riding his special needs cycling. You know you want to, but if not, check the blog, i'll be phone updating, might even get a celeb to do it. Talking of celebs, you know your famous when you ride like a heap and still get a mention on the BC site - "Wan didn't have the best weekend but looked good in his shades trackside, nonetheless." cheers Mr Clifford, good luck in China, to you and all the brits.

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