Friday, 23 May 2008

So fresh n so clean

Been a pretty chilled week, havent really done much riding. Monday went to the gym and really drilled myself, was gutted about underperforming at the weekend. I've got to win a national this year, it'll be such a waste if i dont! Tuesday did radford and yeadon, had a hot date wednesday and then thursday decided to round off the bolts on one of the cleats on my shimano shoes, so any tips how to take out cleats with rounded off bolts would be much appreciated, I'm currently thinking drill them out.

Thursday night headed over to Fearnville, had an hours(ish) ride before the rest of the guys turned up and we had a go at mellowing out the 1st straight. So after throwing about 20 barrows of surface on the take off of the 1st one it was looking really nice with a smooth transition and slightly less kicky take off. It still needs about 6 inches in the middle but we'll wait for a digger to get on that case. Its better than it was and should be ready for gates next week. Even Jez was booming it with his dodgy wrist ;)

Went to watch Indiana Jones last night at the midnight showing, it was pretty dead considering it was the 1st night, Ciaran was wasted and i did feel slightly sorry for anyone else in the cinema but it was comical from where me and shaun where sat. Gigidy. The film was ok, a-bit far fetched for my liking, didnt really seem to be in keeping with the others, but still it was ok. I'm just really excited about Hancock (trailer at the end), and what is going to be the best film of the year - The Dark Knight! woop.

Headed off to Feanville tomorrow for a session with Sutty and Gav, if your around come and have a play, should be goooood. Crewe on Sunday, be there, or be... square :s

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