Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Life is what you make it, make it great.

I LOVE BMX. what was going to be a rest day on Monday turned into being at the track for 2. So me, Andy C, OJ Francis and Reidy hit up Fearnville for 2 hours, meeting Drinkie for the 1st time and getting shown some trails near Seacroft in Leeds. After an hour or so there we got some food, pasta's faster n OJ had fried chicken. OJ really impressed me though during the day, going for most things, and the locals at Fearnville where all making coments about the "guy on the red bike" being really fast. Cheers for the pic OJ, for more check out BMXtalk. Turns out Tuesday was going to be my rest day.

Today the sun came out and so did the flip-flops and the wife beater. Sat in the front garden with a fresh copy of MBUK, coffee and a muffin in the morning before moving to the back garden in the afternoon to catch the sun. Gave both bikes a once over and managed to snap a chainring bolt whilst tightening them up so drove up to Stif to buy some new ones, none in stock and got a bloody puncture on the way home, changed that just off a busy Headingly Lane and got a text from Jez about a session at Fearniville. Managed to get hold of Mark at Groove Racing, and he is gonna sort me out with some steel bolts for the DXRs. Anyhow, apparently there is no rest for the wicked, and Leeds BMX is exactly that, wicked, a great little ride with Jordan fresh from the Euro champs trying even more new lines on the last straight, tripple in anyone? jump to manual is soooooooo fast its scary. Then managed to hit up the trails too.

After the good time we had on Monday, Andy text me today saying he had Thursday off work so its on, ripping up the trails will be, the Leeds locals plus guest appearences from Snazel and some lancashire yoofs, then going over to Bradford for some gates. Here's the pic of me on the floor on Sunday at Preston regional after the 1st moto, cheers Abi, check her pics at abitaylorphoto.com

I love BMX, its the dogs, brings everyone together and it always makes me smile.

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Northern Monkey said...

MBUK? Its the gay porn of cycling mags.....did you hide it under a newspaper when you bought it?