Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer in the city such a very special time

Things are awsome, the sun is out, which means that the girls come out, so many hunnies around at the moment its crazy. Had a pretty chilled out day yesterday, eventually, went to the gym in the morning, spent most of the afternoon outside, played abit of basketball and wrote some e-mails, pretty much spent all of it waiting for today.

THURSDAY - Gamble woke me up at 8ish on the phone asking about going riding so i was up a couple of hours before normal so decided to hit the gym wit Jackson, managed to sneak him into the strength and conditioning room n did a good two hour session, squats, deadlifts, bench and even some plyo. I kept it cool though, riding in the afternoon and wanted to be fresh. All the Leeds crew where out in force at the trails, mixing it up. Lukey G owned everything pretty much within 5 minutes looking smooooth as, Jordan race jumps trails like you've never seen, krrrrazy, and I got abit further than last time, which is awsome, this trails thing is wicked, I know I've got the skills to do it, its all in my head, and thats a barrier thats getting knocked down in a big way, Twarn aint gonna touch me when i turn it on. Talking of really getting into it, Gamble's taking things seriously from the looks of it, expect big things.

Then we hit Fearnville for some track time, mostly mashing up the 2nd and last straights cos of wind. after sprinting at the 2nd straight for an hour attention got turned to the last straight, right lets talk you through this, it goes; tripple, table, double, step up, roller, double. Doesn't sound that interesting until you really start pushin it, its gotta be seen to be believed some of the stuff that was going off, get up here and check it out, club sessions to start soon. I was trying to perfect the jump to manual on the tripple, maybe got it smooth 2 out of 10 times. Seriously words just dont do it justice.

Heres a video of Me and Andy C doing the last straight on Monday.

See ya'll at Mansfield, I'm thinking 250-300 riders.

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