Monday, 6 October 2008

If I Didn't Have You

Then someone else would do... Ha, love it, watched The Secret Policemans Ball last night, as normal some of the acts where pretty good, and some where pretty standard, this one stuck in my mind as clever comody, I've seen Tim Minchin on Buzzcocks before and never really found him that funny but this is really good, check it out;

It was the last race on the rock yesterday, the new track changes are ok, still need some tweeking but the extra time I've been putting in down there seem to be working for the littluns. Wish I'd have made it to Coppull on Sunday to race in 17+, could have came 4th to Jacob, the kid is fast. But back to the rock, there is a possibility we've found some funding to buy 10 new club bikes, we've sorted a 6 race winter series out, and I had a meeting in Peel on Saturday morning with a commisioner about updating a track they used to have there. It is a U in a U single line "track". The plan is to turn it into a little 2 meter wide play track. With that we could easily stick a pro gate on a start pad and hold little dual races for the kids, it should be ace, plus its 5 minutes from my new job, so come sunny summer afternoons, i'll roll out of work, and do some gates with the locals, could be ace. BMX Isle of Man is happening.

Its Preston this weekend, the last national, rumour has it Kieron was spotted on a cruiser at Manchester on Sunday, lets hope so. I'm not expecting much, gates back home have felt poor to say the least, I'm just not feeling it, lets hope once I've got the track up to scratch I'll be re-motivated, looking at a Euro trip sometime next year with Oggy and the boys, I wonder where we'll end up.

Sorry guys, I'm feeling pretty flat at the moment, check back in the week for excitment, I promise

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