Friday, 31 October 2008

So I've been busy, at last.

This week has been awesome, it's half term over here which has meant a weeks work, at last. Monday and Tuesday we ran 4, 2 hour "Cycle Skills" sessions around the island, with all 4 sessions being full. It turns out that out of all the sessions that MSR run, its the cycling ones that are always the 1st ones to fill up and the only thing limiting the amount of kids on the courses is the availability of coaches. On Tuesday afternoon we ran a course at the National Sports Centre in Douglas and had to finish 10 minutes early due to the arrival of Johny Bellis, team CSC professional road rider, World Junior Bronze medalist and most importantly, Olympian. The kids loved it, so cheers to Gee for sorting it out. He handed out some prizes and signed some autographs, it was a really good atmosphere, and the mums loved it.

Yesterday I did a MTB coaching course at South Barrulle Plantation, the Manx MTB Club have made a 5 k look there so in the afternoon we took the kids on it and they loved it, we where close to the end when I suggested pushing back over to a bermed bit of boardwalk for the guys to session when I looked at my watch and we had 5 minutes untill the end of the session, oops, time flies when your having fun. During the day one of the kids said I reminded him of one of his PE teachers, Ben Ayres, Ben taught at my school when I was there and I took this as a massive compliment. Its the small things these kids say and do that makes getting cold and wet worth it, that and nearly £14 an hour.

So I got my police check through on Friday of last week and get to start work proper at QEII on Monday, I'm beyond excited, it's going to be so good to get started and meet all the kids. Oh and talking of time flying, I've gotta shoot, got a "multi sports" session at my old school, for 5 - 7 year olds, hard work defined, fo sure.

Any idea how I'm getting close to 100 hits a week? It must just be you Farran yer?

Catch ya'll soon

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