Saturday, 8 November 2008

Both ends of the spectrum

You know when you come here and read a post that just bores you to oblivion; the place just past a 5 minute conversation with Flemdog about clips and just before you hit a conversation with Gamble about his guns. Anyhow, thats been because of the lack of life going down over here and my unlimited posting time, well, things are crazy and I haven't had a spare second. I started work on Monday and its mega, I'll fill you all in when I get the chance. But as for spare time, yesterday for example, I was up at half 4 to give mum a lift to the airport, and got to bed at 0330 after a shift at nightlife, with a half hour kip on the sofa in the middle.

So just to say I haven't forgot ya'll,

Keep in touch yer x

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